Potentially botched epdm job, need opinions

I had an epdm roof installed on a slight slope and 4 days later it still looks like this. I can drag my foot across the ripples and it moves so it doesn’t appear to have bonded. It also sprinkled a while during the install which has be worried as well. The installer says it’ll lay down…blah blah. I’ve asked for the manufacturer rep to sign off on the warranty but does this look reasonable at all.

Looks like a fully adhered system. If so, bubbles usually means the bonding adhesive didn’t flash off before the system was installed. If that is the case then most of the bubbles won’t go away.

Unfortunately the ripple runs orthogonal to the water flow so that could be a problem, if it hasn’t bonded after 4 days is it even possible it would bond if it laid down. A significant portion is still loosely laying on the surface unbonded. As I drag my foot there are huge sections that move.

If it’s solvent based adhesive the sprinkling is likely the cause and will likely stay that way for the most part.

If it’s water based adhesive it should lay down in a week or 2.

How are the edges done?

Solvent based, the side edges wrap over and have a bar screwed in. Not sure of the edge that goes down into the gutter I can look tomorrow. The edge adjacent to my shingles goes up behind like 3 rows according to him.

It would appear that maybe 10 percent or less of it is bonded going on 5 days now. Do I need to be talking to them about redoing it or is it possible it can bond this late in the game.

I’m just giving my opinion. I tried to zoom in. It looks like you have wrinkles everywhere. I use water based bonding adhesive, only on horizontal surfaces. Yellow glue is for vertical. With water base, you get a few chances to reset for air and less gassing than alphatic glue. Looks like the EPDM might have not been rolled out and allowed to relax. (Cold weather, shade, ) affect the smoothness. You might wait and see if the sun relaxes it.
EPDM is always applied to a smooth surface. I install new sheeting or ISO board. I’ve seen a few jobs that they went over old, cleaned up decking but it looks like H_ll.
Is it going to leak? Probably not. I’ve seen full commercial EPDM jobs done with termination and ballasted. No mechanical or adhered in the field. Does it look bad? Yes. I would not have done it this way. I wouldn’t have put the termination across the front of your house like that. I would have an eave metal installed with the EPDM covertaped. Just my opinion on the look.
It’s not going to blow off because it’s nailed under the shingles and it has the termination. Is it .045 or .060 rubber? Also, is that seam factory or field applied?

I believe it’s .060 and the seam was done by them on site. So assuming it never lays down and is not bonded to the fiberboard hardly anywhere would you ask for them to redo it?

I would make them redo it. If you ever go to sell your house or have an insurace inspection it’s not going to fly.

One other comment: The term bar is not fastened properly. So, the idea to forget about it because the term bar would keep it from blowing off won’t hold water. Re-do it. Terrible job.

How should it be done? It appears they used it in the gutter on the long end too.

Should be done with an edge metal detail, not term bar. Will last longer as well as look way better.

See the wavy term bar? Notice the outside corner hanging out? Both of those are wrong and could result in wind getting under the membrane. Term bar should be tight against the membrane. Outside corners should be tight, not hanging out. I don’t see any sealant on top of the term bar and probably won’t see any water cut off mastic. In the gutter you really need the cut off mastic to keep water from backing up under the membrane.
Those are just a few of the items I see in the pics you gave us. Have a knowledgeable contractor do the roof correctly. I would guess that this membrane would be pretty easy to pull up.

good info thanks. Now the guy is telling me they just “slapped it right down on the wet glue” and that the bubbles are from the underlying sheet having a 4 or 5 foot overlap since they didn’t cut it. So apparently they think you can just slap it down on solvent based adhesive and the overlap extends waaaaay behind the seem. SO most of the top section is just epdm laying on epdm if I’m to believe him.