Praise for Shangle Nailer

It looked as if I was going to be in asticky wicket Fri. Steady 20+mph winds after seeing a forecast of 5 mph. I had my 40’ all set up and was on the roof when they started. I don’t know what the gusts amounted to, but it was wicked.
Anyway I gave him a call to see if he would be in the area when I closed up. I didn’t want to handle the ladder in that wind.
He offered to come when he finished what he was on if I still needed him. A few hours later, the winds started getting lulls, so I called and cancelled the call for help. He hadn’t finished yet, but was willing to come. Thanks Mike for the intention and willingness to help out. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to offer up praise for his last several posts! They made me smile.

Yours are great too tinner!

ive got a few guys around here that we help each other out like that,most people are still good people even though we compete against each other :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the way it should be, kudos to shangle nailer for being a good person. From everything I’ve seen and read here, a very fine roofer as well. Hummmm, perhaps there is some connection between the two.

Stop it guys your making me blush