Pre-painted plywood

When a contractor puts on a bid that plywood will be replaced with pre-painted plywood, what should i expect? Is the usual practice to mix the paint and paint the board after it is nailed to the roof? ( In this case the patio, where it is clearly visible.

I assumed pre-painted implied he would purchase the plywood painted, therefore it would be evenly coated and completely painted including edges, which is the opposite of what mine looks like.

This picture, probably irrelevant to my question, is the mess made from mixing the paint on my yard. which I think would be an obvious annoyance to any home owner. Right??? If you need pics of the hand painted plywood let me know. Seems i lost it but can re-take easily enough.

Hmm. I don’t hang out in the lumber yard much, but the only pre painted, or might I say, pre primed plywood I have ever seen is interior plywood. Normally cabinet type material. I wouldn’t put that on a roof because it’s not exterior, glue grade. I think the roofer was saying he would prime the wood, or paint it before installing it. I have primed many pieces of plywood and plank when I have open soffits and the house is painted. I prime siding, trim, pretty much any raw wood that is going to be exposed to weather, before it’s installed. Not everyone wants hardi or smartside. Not sure why not. I’m not a painter, but I figure it helps the next guy that is going to paint it.

The bid said 1/2 inch pre-painted plywood would go on the patio in place of the OSB.
I appreciate your response. Please tell me what is a soffit?:thinking:

Plywood does not come pre painted. We do this sometimes when there there is open rafters, no ceiling covering the bottom side of the roof deck, to save the customer an expensive painting bill. It is alot faster and more economical to roll a coat of primer and then the paint on the full sheet of plywood before nailing it on, rather than paying a painter to cut in around all of the rafters. Sounds like your contractor was a little sloppy, but was trying to save you money.

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Yep, plywood doesnt come pre painted.
Yes, he was wanting to save you money.
I tell my customers right up front that they will need to have all replaced exposed wood painted.
If they are able to sweet talk me into doing it
I tell them that i am not a painter and i am doing it for free so there might be mistakes.
And it is only a first coat.
And i dont want to hear a hint of complaint.
Because it is for free.

A painters job is a job in itself and requires multiple coatings and dry time.
If you want it all taped off properly, ground covered perfectly, all the multiple coats required with all its dry time? No seen imperfections Hire a painter.

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