Prepping standing seam for elastomeric coating - first time!


I tried searching the forum for answers before posting, and I have been sifting through many of the returned results without much luck.

My wife and I are restoring a 1932 Cape-style home in Central Virginia. The roof is metal and what I have seen referred to as “standing seam,” very common around here.

There are two small leaks that we are aware of (we’ve been in the house through several rain storms so far). In addition to repairing these leaks, we’d like to paint the roof. I’ve been reading about elastomeric coatings and this sounds like a good choice.

The roof is silver and is flecking up silver paint in many places (or maybe this is not paint). Also, there is some rust, but it’s not severe. In one particularly heavy wind storm last month, we heard the wind get under the metal and it sounded like it made a wave across the house. It sounded that way - I didn’t see it happen. The rood is still on and looks the same at least 8)

So my question is two-part:

  1. Was that wind effect something to worry about, and if so, what can I do to fix it?

  2. Can someone please point me to detailed information about how to properly prep this roof for priming and coating?

For personal satisfaction as well as financial reasons, we would like to continue to do the work ourselves. After three months of work, we just completed the bathroom - a full build on that one, including digging the crawl space a little deeper under there, re-framing the floor, re-doing the plumbing, and so on. Point being, we’re not afraid to work hard.

Thank you for any guidance you can afford!

  • John

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