Presidential Shake

I was reading on certainteed website about presidential shake shingles and there’s a phrase that I do not understand. Can you help me to understand a statement that says “Must be used with Presidential Starter.”

Also, what is your opinion of installing them on a new home?


THe presidental starter is made only for the shingle itself. It is larger than the normal starting shingle. Also those shingles have a specific cap to go with them. Hope that answers the question.

the presidential shake has a saw tooth cut so your first row needs to have a color match starter.



A few more questions please:
1.Is the starter shingle material that would only be used at the very beginning of the installation versus all during the entire installation of the Presidential Shake?
2.What is the benefit of this material?
3.Does it normally come with the Presidential shingles or purchased separately?
4.How much could I expect to pay for the starter shingle?
Thanks for your help


Are you planing on doing the roof yourself?

Just ask your roofing contractor to see the starter and the shingle. It will make sense then. The cost of the starter shingle will be included in the price you get from your roofing contractor. Just make sure he has it written in the scope of the work to be done.

Lefty has a good point. This is NOT a do it yourself shingle at all. It is one of the hardest shingles to lay correctly there is. I suggest having a professional do the work. Nothing is included with these shingles. If im not mistaken you are around 150 a square for the shingle itself, 25 for the hip and ridge and starter around 30 dollars. So somehwere around 200 a square for the TL. The normal shingles are around 45 a square.

No, I would not be doing it but was concerned if I would have to payout more for a starter. If I’m understanding correctly the starter shingle is a must and it would cost approx. $30 per square but I would need to ensure that the contractor’s quote includes that. right?

Would you recommend any other comparable shingles for a lower price and is there much difference between a 30 and 40 year shingle?

starters are only needed at the eave of the roof, an average 30 square house would need about 9 bundles of starter, about $270.

Are you thinking Presidential primarily to get a ‘distinctive’ & different look that’s outside of the normal Dimensional?

Find a wholesale supply house in your area & chances are they’ll have a showroom. Go there & look @ the product samples; ask for addresses of houses with the product on it & then once you’ve seen it in place, decide if it’s really for you.

Don’t go by the website & especially don’t go by brochures. Lots of $$ goes into making the shingles look like they’d be gorgeous on YOUR house.

I’d also suggest that whatever contractor you use can give you @ least 4 or 5 references of Presidential installations they have done.

Then actually go & CHECK those references out to make sure.

The stuff is way too expensive to get someone who is going to be learning on the fly.

the starter closes the shingle seams at the beginning,you can also cut the exposure from the regular shingle,use the top half(7")for starters,and use the cut-off pieces for the last course at the ridge :wink:


I have personally Installed over 10 roofs with Presidential shingles. Every roof was 30+ squares and in all of those bundles I never had the top half match completely, besides the starter shingles are also required for the warranty.

Hope this helps.


they dont have to perfectly match,you set 1st course,tach high,slide top half under till even w/ 1st course ,nail 1st course properly,and no problems,i hadnt heard that about the warranty though,–otherwise it`s the same thing

Would the presidential shingle be worth $2500 more than the quote I received on 40 yr shingle :?: The new roof is I believe 1:12 pitch(?), rather steep anyway. Thanks

Having installed a few of these roofs a standard stater or shingle would be too short because of the weep line in the shingle. You must use the correct starter to properly do the roof. It will void the warranty without it.

2500 seems to be a little on the low side from a 40 year shingle to be honest. I would make sure if the company that is bidding this roof for you has done them in the past and you would like to see those roofs. The reason i say that it is not an easy roof to install correctly.

If I decided to not go with the Presidential, in your opinion, which shingle would give close to the same look and quality as the Presidential shingle?
I’ve seen them on one house and really like the way they look.

There is nothing that looks like it other than grand caynon by gaf. They are the same price so thats really not an issue. Quality is about the same too. If you are looking at that type of shingle you are basically stuck with that shingle.

There is not a shingle IMO that is of the same specs that will deliver what you are look at. All of the 50 year shingles and lifetime shingles are about the same quality.

If you like that style of shingle then i would go with it. IF installed properly it will outlast most anything on the market. Aside from metal or slate it is the most long lasting roof there is IMO.

Two more question:
Regarding the warranty, can you point me to the section which requires a specific type of starter before the warranty would be honored? I’ve been unable to find it.
Secondly, how much should I expect to pay for starters if my house will require 55 squares of shingles?

Just so you know the Presidential Shake TL’s weigh 480 lbs a square, the Presidential Shakes weigh around 350 lbs a square and Landmark 30’s weigh 250 lbs a square.

9 bundles of starters seem high for a 30 sq roof if your just laying them on the bottoms. I run my starters up the rakes as well for the nice clean edge look and on most 30 sq roofs I use 5 bundles total at $18 a bundle with tax you have under $100 which is a pretty small expense when looking at the overall job. With Landmark shingles I use the metric starters made by Certainteed.

With the Presidentials you have to use the matching starters and ridge which aren’t cheap. A bundle of Presidential starters are at least $30 a bundle which would bring a square price to around $100. Haven’t priced the ridge but I know the Contour style ridge is $2 a foot. When laid correctly there are something in the order of 5 layers of shingles in all areas at a minumal. Keep in mind the added weight to your roof with the TL version. If your in a snow region this is important to know when building the truss system.

I thought I recalled the TL’s going for close to $200 a square but that may have been the Centenial Slates. At any rate it is Certainteed most expensive shingle they offer.

Never laid a roof with one but did do an addition with the GAF version, very fun to cut in the Winter!

I cant find where the warranty explains this here is certainteeds number for it tho. 800-782-8777

To be honest i would be guessing if i could tell you how many bundles would be needed for 55 squares. but here are the prices for the starter and ridge

Starter 30 L.F. 30.85
Hip and Ridge 30 L.F. 26.71

I dont know what the hang up is on the starter it must be used. A 3 tab shingle would be to short and the weep line would show exposing the roof decks ice and water or felt depending on where you live. And it must be used.

What shingles are you going with the Presidental TL or just the Presidental?

I am considering the Presidential.
Thanks for your comments.