Presidential Shakes

The regular 355 lb ones.
Open valleys

How much time do you add for installation over reg. metric lams?
How many of these shingles are in a square?
I know the exposure is small and that there are 5-6 bundles per sq.
And that is about all I know. I’ve got the book and the video and about 25 yrs. experience. But no experience w/ Presidentials
Thanks in advance

Presidentials are a pain and I hate them. I also don’t trust them on lower slopes. Don’t forget they have their own special starter that needs to be doubled.

As far as time for installation? I’d say go .25 over a normal laminate. So normal install time and add 1/4 again to that. If you’re inexperienced as to the nailing pattern and such it may be as high as .33 for your first job but with 25yrs exp. you will pick it up quick. Use the pattern they show in the book or these shingles will look like crap.

if its a higher end job or you just want it too look good, count on doubling the hips. they are thin it makes the hip and ridge look cheap.

they look harder than they are, however, like tar monkey said the starter and pattern are very important. screws up the whole job if its done wrong. the solutions are all right on the package. i have seen so many done wrong you would think its top secret info.

We also hate those things. I can usually talk them into somthing else. We mark it up about 30% more than a Timberline job at least.

Never done a Presidential; good info to know if someone gets a bug up their “you know where” for 'em.

I usually don’t mark up parts but will make an exception for this one if it ever comes up.

I’d get some experienced help before I took on that job. Sub it out man lol I’m sure you know people will lie about their experience because they are desperate for work. I’ve had guys tell me yeah I can nail, I can do that blah, and they can’t hardly carry a bundle. Don’t get yourself in a nightmare. But 25 years experience, I think I’d trust you…