Prevailing Wage Project

What advice would you give to a first time bidder on a Prevailing Wage Roofing Project? Please advise.

Bid high.


Find someone who has bid this type of work before.

then bid high

Here is some additional information regarding this project. This bid is for two 8-Plex Buildings. Both will be occupied during the project. Laminated shingle application with some rough carpentry (plywood sheeting) work required. Any recommendations regarding the format for a single lump sum proposal? Any special considerations regarding the calculations? Please advise. Thank you in advance.

give me the contact info and i will bid it for you :wink:

I believe that would pose a geographical challenge. Thanks anyway.


The office work it will take to keep the paperwork in order.

The time you will be without your money.

Make sure you know what the prevailing wage is so you can figure in payroll. I did a 325sq slate job for a company on a West Point building and we worked 14hr days and got paid for 8 since the idiots that bid the job figured our normal pay rate. We still made a lot more money than normal so nobody turned them in but damn we suffered for it.

Also if it’s a government job read the entire contract because you can be fined on a daily basis if you pass your proposed completion date and it will add up quick. That company I worked for really took a beating on that job from what I heard. Oh and figure in using all OSHA safety procedures 100%. That adds a ton of time there in most cases. Figure in equipment you’ll need to buy like harnesess, hard hats, GFCI devices, etc.

I justed backed out of a job beacause of this. to much bull shit. We have done them in the past and its not really worth the buratic red tape nonsence. I used to be a union guy and some of my relatives are still union, but I learned my lesson,to me life is too short for red tape overload.

lots of politics, better know every detail, if you don’t do what they request they don’t have to pay. I know of small local guy in my area who didn’t envelope a bur flat roof. his choices were fix it or only recieve 40% of the bidded amount. oops. :x

lol dude I highly recommend you bid SUPER HIGH, hope you donut get the job, but if you do you should come in at a 100% or higher profit margin becuase you bid so high. O yeah and walk away if your boss will let you.