Prevalent roofing materials by state

I’m doing a little research on the most common types of roof coverings by state. Mainly the midwestern states. AR, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NM, OH, OK, TX and WI. What I would like to know is what are the most common types of residential roofing systems in each area. Any help would be appreciated.

Asphalt shingles… EVERYWHERE…

than you may get some corrugated steel panels… but it’s minimal compared to shingles…

A top 5 list for each state is more what I’m looking for. I do realize that asphalt is the most prevalent across the board. But some areas like OH might not have as much clay tile being installed as NM and south TX would. The same could possibly be said for wood shakes/shingles in TX compared to CO. I have a general idea of what is popular regionally but I wanted to hear from the contractor’s on a local level.



Tile roofs in SE Texas are new construction. Our company has been around for 16yrs, Never had a reroof question for tile.
After Ike. 4410 calls that we can account for.( lost lots of calls because the answering system max’d out several days and it erases the first callers,. Secretary can only talk to one caller at a time, so you still have them on the other line calling that you can’t switch too. Anyhoo, out of that number of calls we have had 4 people ask about the price for a metal roof. None bought metal. They all go for composition shingles.
We don’t do new construction any more, because it doesn’t pay enough to cover GL, office expenses, gas and profit. Let the uninsured, 17 cents a sq ft guys install those. Metal and tile may be good products, but until Texas decides to qualify installers, you’ll continue to give these products bad raps. Cheap labor installers never give the attention to detail a well qualified installer does.

Fiberglass Shingles here in Indiana. Brand depends on region. Northern Indiana is Certainteed and GAF/ELK. Middle of State is Certainteed, and OCF. Southern Indiana is dominated by OCF and a little GAF/ELK.
After Fiberglass, the next roof system would probaly be Metal Roofing, but that’s mostly in Southern Indiana. But heavily used enough to raise the “states average” on Metal Roofing usage. The next style would be composite roofing, Tamko’s Lamarite and Carlise’s Eco-Star and DaVinci would be the main contenders there.

wood shake

in that order… dont see much of anything else. clay tile and slate are few and far between here.

Asphalt shingles are by far the most common roof in N Michigan.

I am guessing that various metal roofs are the 2nd most popular.


One of the various plastic roofs

Residential low slope roofs are primarily EPDM and modifieds.

For residential in Massachusetts it would be laminate ashphalt shingles for most new and reroofs state wide.
on Cape Cod, islands and south shore there are also an aweful lot of cedar roofs most are either western red or alaskan yellow either 18"perfections or tapersawn shake. not a lot of rustic California style shakes though but there are some in the metro west suburbs. Slate is mostly restoration of older buildings but there is some small percentage of new and reroof as is clay tile. Also a small percentage of metal mostly standing seam or interlocking shingle you see more metal on residential in the western part and also in New Hampshire and Maine.