Price question

got offered a 6 sq 13/12 pitch cape cod 1 story materials already there.never did one this steep.anyone know a decent price to charge without ripping the guy off or me losing central PA. any help appreciated, he says that the rest of the roof 6/12 was easy tear off.he’ll dispose of trash, he lost his steep roof guy and he’s in abind.

how many layers…whats it on… ease of access… are you insured…whats your overhead…

all of these things can dramatically change your price.

one layer,ladders and jacks for access,yes insured minimal overhead(13n7 yr old kids worse than any overhead). just getti back into business after 10 yrs.

To guess without seeing the roof or walking it off I would say $600-6,000, plus the 6/12 roofs.

You are planning to take a 7 and a 13 year old on a 13/12 roof? You may be insured but are they?

The worse mistake a rookie roofer will make is biting off more than they can chew.

There is nothing wrong with walking away from a job.

Red flags for me are always,
“I have the materials how much for labor”. What I have learned they really are saying is, “I bought the cheapest materials I could find and now I am looking for the cheapest labor to have it done”.

I agree with doug on this.

i was referring to how much the kids compare to overhead costs not making them work on roof as great anidea that would be. they are to busy splitting wood to be on roof, just kidding.any way i was figuring 2 guys 2 days for $1500 just doin 6 sq on 13/12 on a one story with ladders and jacks. not robbing contractor and not killin myself,hopefully.never too scared to walk away,but not too scared to lose my but

Now your on the rigth track. You can’t be asking others what YOU should charge. If you take our advise you risk losing money or the job.

You need to determine how long will it take you to complete the job, how much will it cost you to do, how much do you need to cover YOUR overhead, how much profit do you need to hit your goals and your profit forecast.