How much are you guys charging per square on tearoffs? 30 year timberlines


Depends a lot on location and time of year, a good resource on this may be an exatimate estimate in your area. Generally 250-300 a sq.

Good Luck

Good way i found out pricing years ago. have a family member call a bunch of contractors have them do bids. since your not going to buy. you will find out the spectrum of pricing so you know your area’s high low and be in the middle for the most success.

Thats how i did it.

As far as labor you can back it from materials see what you have left. Profit ratios will very thats a given. but it will give you everything you need to know as far as where the competion sits. thats my 2 cents

Steep? One story or two? Whats the yard look like? How big is the job? Location? Cut up? Dormers?

based on all these factors, for a 30 year shingle, anywhere from 200 to 400

thanks.Alot does go into the pricing thats for sure. With the constant increase in the cost of the materials and competition its hard to gte the profit that you deserve.
I do feel we have been to low the past 4 years and we can feel it in our debt