Pricing for shake-like asphalt/fiberglass shingles

I’m in the market for a new roof for my two-story 19th century Victorian. It’s a 12/12 pitch and requires 25.66 squares of shingles. I’d like to improve its curb appeal by using a traditional looking wood-shake style shingle. I’m aware of three different manufacturers that make a wood shake style shingle:


  • Grand Canyon
  • Grand Sequoia


  • Presidential Shake
  • Presidential TL Ultimate
  • Domain Winslow
  • Domain Ashford

I’m very curious how the price (for materials and labor) compares with installing an average no-frills architectural shingle. Which of these products is cheapest?..Which is best?..And what are the basic price trade-offs within each manufacturers offerings? (for instance, is the Presidential Shake cheaper than the Presidential TL?)

I realize this is a big question so many thanks in advance for your help.

material differences really aren’t huge usually, especially on only a 26 square roof as far as shingles go. Shingle prices can change day to day depending on oil prices, plus the prices are different geographically. I’m of the opinion that you get more bang for your buck by buying high end shingles, especially on a Victorian where the labor is a fortune anyway, you want to be done with it and forget about it. Also, when shopping your roof, I think it would be wise to entertain estimates from people that offer the higher end shingle as opposed to the ones that do not and I say this because… while shingling is not rocket science, sometimes there are little nuances and differences that you may forget if you don’t work with them often. For instance, I’ve become so accustomed to laying architects, and then I laid some slateline and had forgotten how much extra time it takes to line up the vertical lines. Fortunately, Slatelines are bigger, so they went on faster and it was about the same in the end, but you see my point.