Pricing/Good Roofers Buffalo, NY

Hello all,
Looking for average price for a re-roof and good roofers in buffalo ny. House is about 1600sq.

one or two story? how many layers? steep or walkable? lots of details (dormers, valleys, hips…)? ease of access? you need to answer these questions and to get an even more accurate idea a few pics would help. call bradco supply in your area and they could recommend a good roofer. i’m in the rochester region and i would be in the $4800 range depending on some of those questions (probably more).

It’s a split level-very walkable. One Layer. I’ve only had one estimate in that ranch (4,600) the rest 5,700, 8,000! I’ve had Black Rock Roofing, Kaz brothers and Building Solutions out.

Well if Marshall is close enough for him to go I would and get ahold of him to do the estimate with him.

nah…its about a 2 hour ride. unless they want to throw in another $500 for gas and drive time.

500 extra to have someone from
chump change.


500 extra to have someone from
chump change.


I live in buffalo and can give you an est.I work for switalas construction.roofing is my thing, i can beat Kaz black rock and Bs price my E mail is

[quote=“gweedo”]500 extra to have someone from
chump change.


do you anything about business?

lets see…2 trucks, 2 trailers (1 dump, 1 box), 2hour drive each way, drive time for 6 employees (including comp!!!) how is that chump?** its called overhead**

easy marshall
you said if he wanted to throw in an extra 500.
i said thats a bargain (chump change), to get someone from for an extra 500.

and everyone here knows, i know tons of stuff about business.
tons i tell ya. lol


Shaking my head

hahahahaha…my apologies…thats why i work for myself, because i’m easily riled up.

no kidding :slight_smile: