Problems getting paid/is this normal?

I worked last summer for a roofing company during the pandemic (sales). First time in the industry.

My commission was set at 10/65/35

Additionally was told on signing a contract I would be paid $750 then get the rest of commission when completed.

I was only paid $80 when I signed my first and only contract with this company because they said “they changed the rules” knew then problem

The roof was completed 2/8/21. Price quoted 10,095
They then submitted a supplement to insurance which brought the total to 16995. They settled on approx 13k they received the total 10k by 2/28.

To this day they have not paid me. They say they have not received the supplement. No, I don’t believe it, nor am I sure it was really 13k they don’t provide you to see their line item. I asked yesterday why they haven’t paid me my commission on the 10k and was told because it was only $15 and waiting for the supplement. $15?

The house was maybe 1100 square feet sorry I don’t have the square number, plus a small shed.

This is a very big company out of Alabama.

Would someone please confirm to me whether this is bull**** as I think it is? I just don’t have anything to guage it on. Thank you in advance.

This seems like an employment contract issue and is best handled by a lawyer as the devil is in the details. Several things to consider though and the first being “I was told” does generally not hold water. If everything was detailed in writing, as you have stated, then remedy should be fairly straight forward in the hands of a lawyer. When you ask whether it is “normal” then assumes the structured commission agreement was normal when it is indeed not. There are countless creative ways in which commission is calculated and paid. Gather the signed commission details and carefully note your version of how it was interpreted and then find someone to advocate on your behalf.

Good luck.

Thank you- I do have in writing but my question pertains more to length of time being 6 months post completion and claiming the insurance company has not paid.

Most jurisdictions have a statute of limitations which is generally at least one year in which to file a legal grievance. Verify what your jurisdiction supports.

If you go to your local court house and file a case. They will tell you exactly what you need to do, and if you can file one at all. Ask the people in the know and the court clerks KNOW.