Problems with certainteed presidential tri-lam shingles?


i’m a roofing noob so please excuse my ignorance. a mid june hail storm damaged our roof to the point of needing a replacement and our neighbors recently put on a certainteed presential tl, which we really like the looks of. i’ve heard good things about this roof but am currently trying to search out the bad as well in order to make an informed decision. another contractor who sells only elk/gaf tells me that certainteed products have a problem with the gravel (or whatever granular substance is used in the asphalt) flaking off and filling up gutters. any else heard of this happening?
any other info you can provide on these particular shingles would be appreciated as although theyre expensive, we’re thinking this is the quality roof we’d like to go with. also, i live in the northwest where we have snowy/cold winters and very hot summers; not sure if that would change the durability of the material

thanks in advance!! :smiley:

All shingles will shed granules for about the first 3 years as they put extra granules on them so they dont get damaged during shipping and installation. GAF/ELK equivalant are called “Grand Canyon”.

Presidentials are good,Certainteed got adopted it when they bought out Celotex who invented the patten. GAF copy cated it with there version that looks similar. I like there Landmark TL better though myself, that was originally called Ambassador Shake when it was Celotex.