Problems with getting the roof shingles I prefer

I know there are lots of good information out there (and varying opinions) on this forum (as well as others)

What I have been seeing in my area is that the companies that deal with insurance claims all subcontract out their work and represent a single shingle manufacturer e.g. GAF, certainTeed etc which appears that these companies are “certified” in their specific brand that they sell and use the product/system that maximizes the product used and maximizes the manufacture warranty (for what it is worth). In addition they get better pricing and no doubt other incentives and that is the reason they push or prefer a specific brand.

Also the majority of opinions out there say that GAF has a great marketing program (also creates a lot of biased reviews) but CertainTeed’s shingles are superior (although I have read some arguments out there that the extra weight in CertainTeed’s shingles is filler). Comparing the basic shingles used for insurance claims (CertainTeed and GAF) the ones used around here are the CertainTeed Landmark and GAF HDZ…I want a true “mid grade” shingle and the CertainTeed Landmark Pro is what research has led me and that the minimal premium over the basic Landmark shingles is worth the extra cost and GAF does not appear to have a true mid grade shingle (old “40” year shingles).

My problem is that the contract I have is with a GAF certified company and primarily installs GAF HDZ. I mentioned wanting CertainTeed Landmark Pro but not sure if that is a viable option. Right now it looks like my options are:

  1. Call it done and get the GAF HDZ from GAF certified company that uses GAF products. Knowing that the roof is not going to cost me anything other than my deductible but not my preferred shingle.
  2. Upgrade to the GAF Ultra HD shingles at a premium (around $30-40 square: have not received an official cost). Don’t think it is worth the premium (couple thousand out of pocket) although this is a much thicker/heavier shingle.
  3. Negotiate and get the CertainTeed Landmark shingles instead of the HDZ but installed by a non-certified company.
    4.Push for the CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles but this will be even a more premium (do not get the CertainTeed discounts etc) installed by a non-certified company.

Any contractor can install any shingle brand you wish.

They like to push their brand for the perceived warranty value.

Request whichever shingle you desire, the cost shouldn’t be much different, certainly within 10%.

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Thanks for the reply. I agree. Should be interesting.

Agree with Axiom.

But dont expect to get the ultras for small upcharge.
Ultras would be at least 100 dollar per sq upcharge.
They cost a whole lot more and take way more time to install.
Axiom was talking about the standard “lifetime” Architect shingles.
Also, The “pros“, they are also not standard and would be A 20 dollar a sq difference from the landmark for me.

The 10 percent difference would be talking about just switching brands between the Different standard lifetime architect shingles


Interested in upgrading from the hdz/landmark to the landmark pro. I am going to try to get some prices from local shingle distributers. Figured the uhd and premium pro $$$$. Thanks for the info.

Called the local distributor and what I found out for all intensive purposes the HDZ, Lanmark and Landmark Pro are the same price (within a couple dollars per square). Guess is those that push GAF get sone sort of rebate or bonus.

I spoke too soon. Yes calling the specific distributors and getting a price comparison between GAF HDZ and Landmark Pro is ~$5 per square difference but what I do not take into account is actual contractor pricing. It appears that contractors who primarily sell 1 brand get a huge volume price break so the $5 per square is much more around 3x.

Thanks for the info regarding pricing (I know the Ultras are $$$ especually since they are 4 bundles per square vs 3)

I know the general consensus is Landmark over GAF when comparing the Landmark or Landmark Pro (upgrade) to the HDZ.

For my situation the Landmark Pro over the HDZ is going to be an up charge but what about for a little more $ you can get the GAF Ultras (UHD) I know it is still a GAF product but a much heavier shingle.

It sounds more like the Certainteed items are being inflated to encourage you to go with what the contractor wants to use.

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Thanks Axiom. What I suspected.