Problems with my 1yr old roof

My new roof, installed Dec 2014, I just noticed a few weeks ago that the shingles on the edge of the roof were not adhering to each other like they should. On further investigation, I found some of the edging nails were sticking up about 3/8 to 1/2 inch under the first layer of shingles. Since I was going out of town, the next day, I did a temporary fix.
Slipping a common ( flathead) screw driver I slipped it on top of the protruding nails and hammered them down and glued the shingles down.
I came back from my trip, (forgot all about the roof during that time).
Then during a recent rain storm, I noticed water running over the gutter, When I was cleaning the leaves out, I remembered the faulty roofing.
I called the installer (who at the moment will remain nameless) Thinking the protruding nails meant a faulty install.
When the installer got up on the roof to inspect it I showed him where the shingles were not adhering He told me it was due to defective shingles and noticed some of the granules had been washed off other parts of the roof. He also noticed that the decking was sagging in places. ( it resembled a roller-coaster) They were not sagging when the roof was installed.
He advised me to put a claim in to the shingle manufacturer which I did.
Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to what course of action I should take? I am pretty sure I will have to argue with both the manufacturer and the installer, since the repair will probably include installing new decking where the water has gotten under the shingles and rotted it.
Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated.


You will have to post some pics for us to be able to tell you what is going on. Pics from the roof and inside the attic would be best. Water should not be getting under a one year old roof, defective shingles or not.

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Sorry, I should have mentioned, the roof is a low slope roof. The installer said it slope was less than normal and it would need felt underlay.
The roof had been replaced before for hail damage, the previous installers said nothing about there being too little a slope,The roof was built to spec and never had any problems with water getting under the shingles in 20 + years.
Thank you for your reply.


Shingling low slopes and covering your entire roof in a peal and stick underlayment (what you called felt) is exactly what I preach against, it seems every other post I do here is advising people not to do it. Honestly, I see no way you are going to get anything out of the manufacturer. You see, the older style shingles (3 tabs) performed better on low slope roofs (they lay flatter) than the new style (dimensional) which you most likely have. While sometimes you can get away with not having issues, NO SHINGLE is ideal on a low slope roof IMO. Did you hire a reputable local roofer to replace you hail damaged roof?


I did hire what I thought was a reputable installer. (GAF associate) He recommended that I initiate a warranty claim against GAF, which I did.
I also had several other roofing companies come out and inspect the roof. All 3 of them said the installation was inferior and not up to standard.
I received a phone call from my installer telling me that the “warranty adjuster” could not reach me and to tell me the warranty inspection was scheduled for Friday. ( The inspector could have easily left me a message on my answer machine? )
I am between a rock and a hard place. do I trust the installer or should I contact my lawyer?
I have emailed GAF warranty service about the scenario and have told them I am considering contacting my lawyer.
Any suggestions or ideas from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated. I do not like causing trouble, but I really need to get my roof fixed properly without having to go to the expense of having another roofer and footing the bill myself.
Thank you for your earlier reply.

I agree with Islandroofing that some pictures would help and that, based on your description, the probability of getting coverage from the manufacture is slim. Sounds like it is going to be a tussle between you and the roofer. Getting a good roof consultant involved might be your best bet at this point. Not cheap - so weigh the cost to benefit. Depending on the size of the roof, it might be better to bite the bullet and talk to the BBB if your roofer is a member.

Thank you for your reply roof walker. I tried to send some pics but they the email kept coming back “undelivered” I will try sending them again.
I was able to send pics to “GAF” like they asked for.

The edge along the gutter was raised about an inch when I first noticed it, there were nails ( about 5 or 6 ) all sticking up about 1/2" under the shingles. I didn’t think to take pics before hammering the back in and gluing down the shingles. It was during a stormy day. there are nail heads showing in different areas of the roof, there are rows where they didn’t run a chalk-line to make the rows straight.
On my patio (the low slope) where the shingle were lifted by nails, I’m sure has water damage to the decking,as when someone walks on it, it gives way like the 3’4" decking is waterlogged and soft.
Another question! How do you know you are getting a reputable roofer? the one I chose was / is I thought reputable. he is an associate of the GAF shingle company and a member of “Home advisers” an online company that screens and checks their Pro’s credentials.

Thank you for the pictures!
I can say he was a total idiot that doesn’t know how to install shingles.
And I wouldn’t have used shIngles on that slope anyway.
Should have used modified bitumen.
But the same roofer would have made it just as bad.

That roof needed a very experienced water proofer.
But what it got was an idiot crack head who doesn’t care about anything but getting paid.
He deserves every bit of hell you give him.

Doesn’t have a thing to do with the Manufactuer!
Let the manufacture come and tell you!
I wish I was there rep.
I’d show you exactly where the leak is and why it happened!

This has nothing to do with the manufacturer. This is strictly an installation issue.

A threat of an attorney to GAF will not help you. You need to get it worked out with the installer.

Thank you so much for your comments. My insurance adjuster also looked at my roof, and noticed several defects in the shingles,.
He also noticed several installation defects,. So far, I have had BBB contact G.A.F manufacturer, they finally agreed to pay for the shingles. Now I am going after the installer using the pictures my insurance adjuster took of all the installation fubars.
I am hoping they will at least reimburse me for the labor so that I can reroof my house.

Thank you all for replying to my question, it has been a great help knowing that I am not the only one who thinks the workmanship was terrible!

Thanks again

I am very surprised that GAF is reimbursing you for the shingles, esp because I see no defects in any of the pictures you posted (only instillation errors). Anyway good luck.

I was surprised also. I sent some pics, of where the shingles were not adhering to each other in several places, also where the gravel had been washed off…
I also sent the pics to the BBB before they agreed to pay… The BBB was instrumental in them deciding to reimburse me.
It could have been also, that I went through the main corporate office instead of the branch office.
It may be a good tip, to notify the BBB and go through the main office to get any warranty claims filled?
Now I have to do the same with the installer, he seems reluctant to reimburse me for the shoddy work done by his people.
I have 16 pages of defects on my side, plus so many other installers and adjusters than have seen the terrible job that was done.
Thank you for your concern, I will also tell my installer to check out Island Roofing to read the comments about the install.
Keep up the good work with your website.!

I have one more question about my 1 year old roof. I noticed along the north edge of the roof, the shingles are lifting up easily.
There is a plastic tape like film over the edge of the shingle, should this have been removed before the shingles were installed? It looks like the adhesive is under the plastic tape.and the the adhesive strip is hanging over the edge of the metal drip edging.
Is this installed incorrectly? I am not a professional roofer, but I don’t think this has been installed by professionals or by people that had a remote idea of what they were doing.
some insight would be helpful and appreciated.
Thank you in advance,
James McConnell

Here are some pics of the roof edge I am talking about.the whole North edge of my roof is like this. It is a Low slope roof, and the wind and rain come in mostly from the North. Therefore water has been blown under the shingles and ruined the decking underneath.

The only purpose that plastic strip serves is to keep the shingles from sticking together in the packaging. People get the idea that if you don’t remove it the shingles won’t stick together after they are installed. Usually once a year I have to show this picture to someone who thinks I skipped a step when roofing their house. Lol. I wish all the manufacturers (not all of them do) would print “do not remove” on this plastic strip.

P.s. the reason your shingles are able to lift up so much on the first row is because the roofer put the nails too high in the “starter course”.

Does that mean, the starter row is not meant to stick to the roof? Is the fact that nails are so high on the starter row a mistake on the installers part?
I had to literally go under the first row and glue them down because rain had been blown under the shingles and the felt underlay. Now the sheeting is warped on that part of my roof.
Do I have any recourse other than having the roof being replaced?
Please help!
Thank you for your pic and explanation.