Problems with VanMark equipment? With ABC Supply?

Shouldn’t equipment do what it is advertised to do??
Shouldn’t supply companies stand behind their products?
Have you had any similar experiences?

We are a small, but growing roofing company specializing in synthetic & metal roofing.
As part of our expansion, we ordered Commercial / Industrial equipment from VanMark, through ABC Supply.

Although the Brake & slitter are both rated for the 24 ga steel we use, they don’t work.

The Brake ($2700!) doesn’t hold the Steel tight enough, so it moves while you are bending.
The power Slitter ($2500!) will only slit about 1/2 way through the steel due to excessive shaft deflection. The Slitter is rated to make 2 cuts at once as well as using the Perforator dies (another $500+) we also purchased. The Perforator make 4 side by side louvers (8 slits!).
If the Slitter won’t make a single slit, what makes them think it will do 8?

VanMark won’t take the crap back, they recommend a couple wedges that
rub against the shaft to keep it from flexing so much??? Then they say that I should upgrade to a bigger motor if I want to use the Perforator dies, another $300+, but it still might not work on the 24 ga Kynar coated steel that we use.
They don’t have an answer for the Brake problem.

ABC Supply has told me that it is MY problem, NOT THEIRS. They won’t take the crap back & won’t help out at all. What a RIP OFF!

We can’t afford to piss away over $6000, what do I do now?
One GOOD thing is that we paid for the stuff with AmEx, so they might help out.

EcoWise inc

I have that brake from van mark, the industrial. we are able to bend 24 gauge steel, just if it is less than say 3/4 inch it will slip. you also have to really clamp down on that handle. we prefer to use the shop brake, real 16 gaugw, and only use the van mark for job site necessities.
I don’t have the slitter, though i was going to buy it for perforating. you say it doesn’t work well? I was leary of the price. and i much prefer to buy heavy truly industrial equipment. notportable stuff.

The VanMark Perforator is a joke.

If you don’t mind spending more, around 6-7k, Roll Former Corp makes a dedicated use (that’s all it does) machine that is supposed to do a fine job. We have some of their other equipment and are quite satisfied with them. They are built like REAL machines.

We were pondering a HD shop brake, but we will be moving into a larger building soon & wanted to wait till then.

Have you had any bad experiences with other equipment I should stay away from?


If your not getting anywhere becuase you believe the product you purchased does not perform as advertised contact the FTC and your State Attorney Generals office.

As for ABC find another supplier they are worthless.

Sometimes the good guys win.
VanMark is sending me a new Brake to replace the one I have, the one I have has been determined to be faulty.
ABC is taking back the Slitter & accessories, and a full refund will be made.
In the past, I had NEVER had a problem with ABC, they had been easy to deal with & quite accommodating in any way they could.
Someone in the loop obviously made a bad decision, but it has been corrected & all is well.