Proper etiquette on exposing a roofing scam artist

I’ve been roofing for a long time and just recently came across a contractor that is as bad as they get. No license, hires illegals, bounces checks, doesn’t do work as contracted… we’re talkin big jobs here, mostly commercial but hes scammed homeowners as well.He has no conscious.
I worked for him only because work is so slow and on one occasion flat out refused to work on the job because he was not doin the tear off (that he was contracted to do) and just goin over existing roof(building owners would never find out… well not for a few years anyway)
How should I deal with a guy/company like this? It takes one bad apple to make the whole bunch look bad and I know I, as well as most all of you guys aren’t bad apples. Whats the best way to handle this guys???


Call the news. :smiley:

should i at least post his co. name on this site??? what else? chicago area news crews prob. wont give a crap about a scamming roofer

I would start by never working for him ever again. Don’t associate your name with someone like that.

It always amazes me the lack of pride that some people possess. I don’t understand how you can go through life like that cause I can’t believe you derive any satisfaction from it whatsoever.

I would be inclined to expose him, but I would also consider what the ramifications could be for my business and family.

I would just steer clear of that company, as you will be next on the list to get screwed.

Whatever you do, stick to the facts. Your feelings can get in the way and boomerang on you. Sure, you can post facts you can back up, but it will have little impact to post it on this site. Chicago is a big city.

File a complaint with the BBB, and they will take it from there.

had to ck this out, searched roofing and looked thru some of the results, this one was hilarious, sounds like a bad divorce lol … -b948e.htm

Call OSHA since I am sure he is following none of their “rules” Then call the local immigration service, and give them the address of where he is working.

Lol Bill. I just read that.

They need to go on Divorce Court.

thanks kage… already did it! and regards to OSHA… they would literally drop dead if they ever stepped foot on one of his jobsites. He has know clue about rules and regulations. I should have taken pics. you guys would have loved em!

I’ll bet a local news reporter would LOVE to do a “hidden report” for their consumer protection angle.

Would you mind wearing a hidden microphone? They can shoot video form a distance, you can ask questions like “So, um… the customer paid for a total tear off but we’re doing a layover? Why is that, John Doe Roofer?”

Let him sink his own ship & you will come out looking better.

PLUS, if a lot of people see this story on TV, they might be interested in pressing charges for cheating them on their projects (especially if it’s contracted vs. just a handshake & a smile).

Seriously, I’d go to a local news channel. They would eat this up.

If he’s got a lot of people he’s cheated, the police would get involved really easily.

Building department(s).
State or local licensing boards.
State Department of Revenue.

The above are the people you should be calling.

In my area the state will even give you a bounty if you turn someone in not paying their taxes. But you have to have proof, they won’t take you on your word.

Got in contact with past customers as well as the state, he is gonna have a very rude awakening. Score one for the little guy!