Proper way to install GAF Liberty around outside corners?

I’m trying to imagine the proper way to cut and lay roll roofing around the outside corner so that it does not leak. How do you bend the roofing so that corner is water tight ?


i would lay galvanized across full area and solder it

What in the world is going on with that roof? That corner may be the least of your problems! Ouch.


No way would i have filled in that
dead valley(almost)with tile.
I would have left it all open
But since there is a window that might be over-looking it, the roofer was too shy in explaining that to the home owner or builder.
This is what they get.

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We would typically do that whole area in flat seam copper. If the customer really insisted on something cheaper 3 ply torch down, if that’s still too expensive we would walk away. That is not an area where I would ever consider lick and stick as an option.

LOL Tileman

that’s why I’m tearing off the cricket area and doing roll roofing.

the tile was laid for appearance purposes.

commercial roll roofing jobs must have lots of outside corners to deal with. Do you just apply a bunch of small overlapping pieces underneath the corner with cement and pray it doesn’t leak?

I got one bid for torch down already. I believe torch down is the standard in my area. I have not seen any copper roofs here.

The tile needs to come off, all the way to the hip and I can’t see the other side, but as far as possible. I wouldn’t trust the flashing at the 2 walls that meet at the corner. Prepare the owner that you may have to cut stucco off and install flashing. I’m sure they don’t want to see gum lip counter. That stucco termination, at the bottom, needs to be taken out. I wouldnt Trust peel and stick. You need a good tinner to make a pan in that valley. I would be bidding worst case scenario so I sleep good when the next rain comes. The photo shows the original installer had no clue.



Rooferama is correct. That is a horrendous tile job. We never want to spend customers money recklessly but I would not even touch that job unless I could warranty it. Redoing the cricket is just the starting point, (I didn’t know you could weave a tile valley!). Walls with mastic, stucco terminations, galvanized pipe flashing. I don’t even want to think about how they did their underlayment! It looks like a hot tar crew did that job, (no offense to hot roofers, I used to be one of you).

If I did that job all tile, underlayment, battens would come off and we would start over, with a stucco guy in the mix.

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That picture doesn’t look any better. I would remove tile hip to hip to ridge and start over.

Really needs a metal detail for a permanent solution.


I feel inferior when I see that kind of work. That is amazing.

That is one sexy architectural clusterfuck!

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MPA, how did you get that roll roofing to bend around that corner

Page 25. That is 3 ply torch so on the the cap sheet the granuals are embedded and the product sticks granular Surface to granular surface, that is not the case with peel n stick

You would add a dog house in that corner

No, all wall pieces are done with flashings. 4 inche on field for base and 6 on field for cap. Up wall as far as you can take it and the dog houses on that dreadful corner.(easy corner for anyone competent)