Proposal/bid sample

Hi everyone,

my name is Rafesson and I am starting a roofing company and I was wondering if anyone here would be kind to send me a proposal/bid sample.

Thank you all!!!

I would by my lawyer would sue me.

you’re going to get very large variations on this one. i have seen them so cheap that it was hand written on a burger king wrapper.

written on a burger king wrapper?LOL

Attorney time.

i propose to do this work for very little.i am not insured,bonded,or licensed to do this work.i will hire illegal aliens to do this work and pay them sub-standard wages.i will need 75% up front to cover material costs.

does this sound like a new contractor???

yes a whopper jr to be exact. and the funny thing was she didn’t even request a bid. the guy knocked on her door and handed her the wrapper that said he would do her roof for $300…haha i told her that might cover the nails. he also stopped at my jobsite and asked me if he could finish the roof we were doing for cheap. well, it was a doctors house with timberline ultra’s, so i passed. but before i did i asked where his tools and ladders and help was? he was driving a rusty 1989 ford probe. 2 days later he called my office under another company name, called me by the wrong company name, and asked if he could sub anywork. unfortunately i never returned his call. …ooh what could have been :smiley: