Protecting patio roof from water comming from house roof

I rebuild the attached patio and installed rolled roof.
The patio is attached to a 2 story house and the slopped roof of the house has no gutter – so in heavy rain all the water will go down to the patio roof (approx. 9 feet from house roof to patio roof).
When I demo the old patio roof I noticed that the roof was heavily damaged right where the water from top slopped house roof hit the patio roof.
Obviously the best option is to install gutter for the top slopped roof, but it will look ugly and there will be very long way to route the gutter to the ground.

Is there any alternative to protect patio roof from water that is going down from approx. 9 feet of the slopped house roof?
I was thinking about installing a sheet of galvanized metal (flashing?) right on top of patio roof to cover the exact line where the water is falling from the house roof…
Any other options or ideas?

The location is Southern California – so not too much rain, but sometimes it gets heavy for a few days.


Gutters are made specifically for that purpose. There are many ways of making them less obtrusive. Many aluminum gutters/leaders are offered in custom colors. Try using one color for the gutter and match the body of the house with the leader. Any type of “rain divert-er” usually falls short in heavy rainfall.

Like Tar Monkey said, just install a gutter or diverter. Another option is paver blocks or walkway pads. They’re usually 30’‘x30’’ & cheap.

Thank you - now I just need to google diverter/ walkway pads.

You can get a diverter or two at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Paver blocks you can get a landscaping supply or masonry supply.