Public Adjuster AND Contractor - Georgia

So, what’s the real scoop?

I have heard that you CAN NOT be the contractor AND public adjuster in the state of GA.

Then this morning, I was told by a public adjuster that you CAN, but there is a form that has to be signed by the homeowner that discloses this fact. It basically states that their public adjuster also has a vested interest in their roofing project.

What kind of attorney would be able to answer this question once and for all?

Ignore. Called the state. :grinning:

And what did they say?

That you can, in fact, be both.

I’ve got some issues here in mo .don’t know if I should call a public adjuster in on this disaster or get a lawyer. Maybe just call the insurance comishtioner. All the big 4 or 5 or not only acting in bad faith .but their bald face lieing I’m having to go back to each job several time I n litigation on a bunch when should I start charging for the time above and beyond and what price .got one old man ready to sue all state the adjuster threatened lied and admitted to putting a fraud on the first ajustment and since then ive had the same thing across the board .i did chardge allstate 1200 for my time i had to go over their 4 times .get on 10/12 2 story .he was saying he had a satilight on it and out measurements wasn’t jiving.also how are the adjusters getting their values .because I’m seeing a 40 to 50 per sq difference between same co adjusters on walk ones before depretiation how in the heck does that work I’ve got one he’s tried to low ball the shit out of me 220 per sq that’s every thing the other is at 282 is it just different tactics