Public Adjuster...Yes or No?

Dear Community:

As a homeowner in the suburbs of Chicago trying to navigate the process of possibly having my roof assessed for hail/storm damage, this site has been very helpful and a good starting point. Many of the contributors have opened my eyes to the complexity of this process.

My home’s roof is 21 years old and has had no issues since I moved in 6 years ago. Last May 2019, there was a hail storm in my area. After this, multiple roofing companies were going door-to-door in my area. I was skeptical of this, so I did not have anyone look at my roof.

Two neighbors were recently able to get roof replacements through state farm. From my reading, I fully understand these could be crappy roof replacements. This obviously has me wondering if in fact my roof also sustained damage.

I am hoping the experts on this site would kind enough to provide some advice on how to go about having my roof assessed for hail damage the “proper way”. I have done some reading and there appears to be some debate about how you approach the process. If a new roof is needed, I am looking to have the best roof system installed, and I am willing to pay above and beyond an insurance settlement if that is was is needed to obtain the ideal work.

Do you call the insurance first? Is there a risk if they come out and don’t find damage?

Do you call a roofer first? From this site, it seems like there are many who don’t like having to deal with the insurance company.

What are the thoughts on involving a public adjuster? What are the pros and cons? When should they get involved.

Thank you in advance for all the expert opinion.

Find a reputable, local Roofing Contractor that understands insurance work. If you PM me, I know several in the Chicago Land area. Contact them prior to the insurance company and have them inspect your roof. A good one will advise you on how to proceed.

PA’s have their place but certainly not upfront in a claim. They generally charge up to 20% of the amount they increase the claim. You’d just be giving money away. In most cases, I believe there are better alternatives if you run into problems. But don’t hire somebody to solve a problem that doesn’t exist yet. Good luck.

Dear “Authentic_Dad”:

Thank you so much for replying to my post about public adjusters. I cannot thank you enough. You kindly mentioned I could PM you. Since I am new to the site, I just wanted to make sure this reply came through as a PM prior to writing a more involved email. Thanks.


Hire the best roofer in your area that lives close to you.
A trusted roofer that you learned from a respected friend, co worker, neighbor, church member.
Sign the contract.
Call your insurance and handle it.
If they refuse, hire an attorney.
There is precedence for the storm already in the neighborhood.
Likely the threat letter alone will approve the claim.

Not all “insurance specialist” roofing contractors are good at roofing and i would be careful.
Many of them around here have over extended themselves and went out of business even though they were charging significantly more than what the going rate is
Probably every month the government is directly shutting down a roofing company in my state (florida) because of complaints from the homeowner.

Just another perspective!
I highly respect Authentic Dad and his opinions as well.

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