Pulling air through

So seems in the old day there were these louvered vents and never enough.

Then I have seen the continuous vent which ends up in the front of the soffit and at the back bottom edge of the facia.

Then a friend told me you can put the soffit on and have a gap at the back put a moulding on a block and it can pull air there from end to end. So that sounds fine would still need a screen for bugs but when you do that the air would be pulled up at the back of the soffit and if I push those pink things in the attic that stop the insulation from sealing off into the soffit area then they would not be pushed too far forward on the roof bottom edge. I think this home has a ton of insulation and it stays cool in the summer but I think the soffits are stuffed to the roof. Seems like every few years what was has changed in that thinking certianly this was done almost 20 years ago.

How does that work? I think he would have seen this soffit gap at the brick in Fine Homebuilding but not sure, some of it sounds good to me for sure it is a continous vent all along maybe a half to 3/4 gap not too much or it would visuallly show.

Also to run lighting what is the best type of under soffit lighting that is fine looking and not too large. A friend just bought some and it was cheap home depot or Rona but what he bought is half as big as a flood light and it is not refined enough looking to me. His soffit is the white metal stuff and it will dissaper more than in mine where i will do a chocolate brown 1 x 6 v Groove.

Soffit will not be done till after the winter, facia first, eves back on which brings up another thought. If my facia is thicker than before, or if I have more slope with I will to the gutter so I can have four down spouts rather than two then my gutters will be too short. SOmeone told me there is a corner that you can buy that is a 90 degree and it works like a cap or? not sure but it will solve my problem. Does this make sense. If not I would have to buy all new eves, argh.




Stay away from Home Depot. Go to the supply house that deals with the product you want. They specialize and the counter help knows what they are talking about. Most people at Home Depot were flipping hamburgers last week. This week they are lighting experts.

support small family owned businesses (not that family) but I startted to get my head in gear at Home.

Now since I found this hope I can figure out what I am doing enough to do it quickly as it will get cold fast. Seems like when the weather was fine I had too much work, before that it was too cold and there was no work,’

If it is not done soon there will be serious damage so have to get it together.


The hardest thing is to get the info, seems no one here is up on Poplar so will have to decide which way, I should have taken a piece of both painted them then left them out in the winter to now to see how they stood up though know it will be 30 years and not half a year


Sounds like the right senerio to make hasty wrong desicions.

Maybe you ought to tarp the roof till spring.

Maybe do half the roof now. second half in spring.