Pulling permits for another Roofing Contractor?

Hello, this might be an odd question. I have another roofing contractor who is working a storm, they have a license but not the proper license for this city. I’m a license roofing contractor, this company wants me to do sales for them and use my license to pull permits for their company and give me a set amount per square that they put on. I have never had this happen before and I was hoping to get some input on this sort of scenario? Anyone’s knowledge would be much appreciated. Is this sort of thing even legal? If so, what would be an appropriate charge to let them do so? What sort of things would I be liable for since the license is in my name? Thanks for your help!

I’m not a lawyer but I’m gonna say everything

In Minnesota that is cause to have your contractors license revoked.

NO WAY would I do it…

You should consult your attorney. I certainly wouldn’t do it without a written contract between myself and the other contract that clearly spells out who is responsible/liable for what and the financial arrangements involved in the transaction. I would think that technically that makes you the responsible contractor with them being the subcontractor.

Again, I wouldn’t even think about doing it without running it by my attorney first. It is possible you would be risking your license and assuming a substantial liability risk.

You are taking a huge risk. If anything happens it will be your general liability policy at stake.
Also, every man on that roof needs to be under YOUR workmans comp policy, period.
And when that company quits answering their phone, that homeowner is going to come after YOU.
I dont want any marks against my record, do you?
I dont trust my own roofers unsupervised. You think it is wise to trust another company unsupervised that now knows that they have zero accountability in their roofing?.
Now they have nothing to lose and you have EVERYTHING to lose.

The way i do it when someone asks, is everyone has to get a check from my payroll company paying out workmanscomp and you will have to pay me to work on the crew . I havent ever done it because they always seem to find another way…

I would wonder why they won’t pull a permit themselves.Alot of negatives in my opinion.

Seems you could open yourself to holding alot of baggage.Not worth it IMHO.

It is possible that they cannot pull a permit in that area for some reason…2nd, they may not want the added cost BECAUSE subs are paid a lower rate (they don’t want the cost passed on to them)

Just a couple of reasons…

IMO…In our state (wether it is the gen. contractor or a roofing contractor playing the role of the gen.) both entities will have to license up in each community they want to work in if it is required.

So make them get their licence or they don’t work for you.

Run away from that offer, it is your license, livelihood and reputation on the line. If he makes a mistake you will be repairing it years after he is gone from the area.

As i have said to a few guys no. Too much risk no reward.

Do I also need to say “Nay”?

& I’m assuming there is a reason for this.

How hard is it to get “proper licensing” for your city? If it’s financially worth it to them, they would get their own vs. using yours.

The cost can’t be more than a coule’a hundo @ worst & there is also a potential that they simply want to sell jobs using your established name. Beware the storm chaser that uses cheap products & crappy (or unsupervised) methods.

I am not sure from a legal point of view nor am I familiar with the licensing processes for your area. Although, in general it sounds like a bad idea. Would you really want another company running around operating under your name?

If you do… :shock:

so, don’t