Putting new felt over old felt

I have #15 felt. On a re-roof, the roofer is offering to put new #30 felt over the #15 felt

Why would I want to do this?
Why wouldn’t I want to do this?

Well you can not see the deck for damage and the contractor is lazy find another one. That is this is a tear off, if its going over existing shingles i would not do it.

[quote=“dadcjd”]the roofer is offering to put new #30 felt over the #15 felt


%between%http://www.easyfreesmileys.com/smileys/free-confused-smileys-718.gif...Why??..for one,like GTP said cant see the condition of deck…and its a tear off isnt it?..i know if its my roof i wouldnt want the old chit left on,your payin for NEW!..arnt ya?


Leaving the old felt on does not make the roof work or last any different.

Sometimes theres no reason to remove the old felt. You can tell the decking is bad when you walk on the roof deck during tear off.If the felt is laying flat leave it on.I would have him use 15 lb Ul felt.

How hard is it to remove old felt WHILE your tearing?..i mean really…do it right!

I like to remove old felt to renail the deck.

+1 this is what i do.

The only time we don’t remove the felt while tearing off is if it’s really windy like this past Monday with gusts up to 40 mph. After all the nails were pulled we rolled up the old felt and tossed it in the trailer.

The other time we do this is if there’s some possible unexpected rain that pops up. This is about the only time I may felt over old felt and this may happen once every few years. This method would be to help try to protect your house from water intrusion.

I only use Certainteed Roofer Sellect. It’s lays out nice and flat rarely wrinkles but sure can be slippery on some roofs.

Another reason why to tear off felt is if you are putting on ice and water shield by code of course it does no good over felt.

Old felt is part of the old roof.
Remove if tearing off old roof.
re-nail roof deck and apply new roof system as per contract.