PVC/Single ply guys...a detail question

How would you finish this upper corner? I got the universal corner for the bottom, but the top eludes me. What would you do?

With metal. Either a metal cap if it’s an old curb, or coping if it’s the top of a wall.
Also, finish the outside corner an T-joint!

I’m on the t-joint, no problem there.

Say you put metal L trim (drip edge etc) on there. You cut the top leg at 45’s, then bend the side leg to go around the corner. Now, how do you finish the cut you made on the top all the way to the corner? I’m still in the same position.

For reference, that “curb” is 28ft long by 8 ft deep. It’s a whole 'nother flat roof.

There is a new molded corner from Carlisle/Versico/WeatherBond that will do that.

Before those molded corners existed, what did people do?

Is it ok to mix JM with those others?

People often use non reinforced TPO on this type of corner. They mold it to fit as necessary. Your picture shows a reasonable use of reinforced membrane for this job. The bottom of the curb, where there is a “v” should have a universal corner installed. On the top, the fancy weld done to make the top corner needs either a tee joint cover or non reinforced patch. Looking at the way the field/top membrane welds to the curb flashing I must assume you have at least a 1.5" weld at the overlap?

Im trying to figure out how to do the T joint cover or patch to cover that corner weld at the actual point. Every way i think of involves pigs ears, etc. I guess i could use some non reinforced and try to mold it. It just seems weird to me there isnt a standard, easy way. Ive found no details, videos, pics, etc.

The curb flashing goes onto the top about 8" and is screwed down with plates etc. Then the field covers the plates like normal and has the full weld area (2" min from edge of plates.

You can buy t joint covers (they’re just round non reinforced membrane). You need to go to the manufacturers web site and download the details. Easy way? That is the easy way.