Quality contractor in North Carolina?

I have a friend who I met here in Texas & whose husband is in the Air Force; her husband recently got transferred & they are now in the Goldsboro area (Seymour Johnson AFB).

From the pics she has sent me, their house looks to be a 10:12, one story salt box, detached garage, no eave to speak of, 1x type decking (may be decked over but it’s slats from the attic side).

I want someone with great references & all the required licensure to contact me so I can pass along your info.

I have no clue as to how many squares they are & while we all know it’s not totally useful, they have 1,800 s.f. under air. Remember, garage is detached.

They have no idea on what kind of product they’ll want to reinstall, but this will (of course) be a total tear down to bare deck.

hey, im Randy, from Randyz Reconstructive Roofing,we are located outside of Camp Lejuene.Will Travel! You Happen To have any Pictures of? will be Happy To Lend A Hand!