Does anybody knows about “qualitySmith”? How good they are?

I suppose I could do a web search for them, but then what fun would that be?

Never heard of 'em… what do they do / make / supply / represent / stand for?

they are roofing lead company

Personally, I refuse to pay for leads. Why spend $$ on leads AND gas just to possibly lose out to the 3 or 4 other co’s they are also getting estimates from.

Gas alone is a killer; add paid leads & IMO it’s not worth it (try Craigslist first; it’s free).

well, I’m new in this business, and this is like a start for me. were could I get customers else? I was doing roof for 6 years, but no sale exp. any help.
QualitySmith.com is little start for me (and expensive), I’m getting like 1 from 5 leads, but if I could get more exp. in sales, I could get good profit from it- I think.

I have no idea where you’re located, but I get free advertising HERE, on CraigsList. It’s a copy of my ad.

As a one man band, I actually have just about the right amount of business @ the moment & when I sense things are going a bit slow, I re-post the ad.

Over the past 3 years (when I went solo from a larger co. here in town), I’ve managed to build a clientele of remodelers, builders, real estate agents, a property management co (rehab / flip & purchase off repo lists for section 8)… plus word of mouth from prior customers.

Take a look @ my posting here on Roofing.com under the title of “sales”… this might help you out. The biggest thing to do is stay consistent & over time, you’ll get a solid business under you.

IMO, the BIGGEST thing you can do to get a lot of repeat business is to STAY CONSISTENT & BE RELIABLE. Always answer the phone if you can (vs. voicemail) & become the ‘go to guy’ for people.

you have to spend money to make money…take the money from those high priced leads and spend it on an attractive newspaper add.

well, I am located in Philadelphia, PA. and Philadelphia has a HUGE amount of big roofing companies, so to survive between those companies in newspaper add is equal to zero.
About craig list I will try that, Thank you.
But how I should speak with costumer then he asks about my company (it is only a year old), or should I concentrate on real estate agents or so? :expressionless:

p.s. I also created my web site for advertising:
www.ldkconstruction.com, I know it is not ideal and criticizm accepted

Don’t mention how long you’ve had your OWN co., if people ask how long you’ve been roofing, tell them how long you have been DOING roofs (unless you have only been in the business total for 1 year & not even in something one might consider associated with the trade, like carpentry).

If you’re very, very new to the business as a whole, then don’t @ all offer that info unless asked (& then you should be truthful about it).

As for their being large co’s, remember that you have the ability to be more mobile; you can make a decision a lot faster whereas with some co’s, the salesperson has to ask the project mgr. if it can be done, who then has to check parts availability & labor costs with the boss & then a day or two later when they have time to look into it they’ll get back with you but forgot some crucial piece of info or detail… then start all over again.

Use your ‘small-ness’ to your advantage. Yeah, it’s a lot to keep track of, but you can do it if you’re consistent & organized.

Also, until you get really well established with a wide variety of consistent sources of leads or estimate requests, you can compete by price 'cause the large co. with a sales staff has to split profit with the sales person. In your case, you’re both & can operate with a better margin. Just don’t get 100% stuck on working by low prices. Provide the same amount of labor (or more) & better quality products for a 1% lower bid & you’ll be happy with how well it goes.

& The phone book is for losers… get that website working (didn’t work as to the link). Then get your name out in other ways. I know a LOT of people with the right kind of money & very few of them say they ever go to a print phone book any longer.

I am sorry I wrote bad link, it’s: www.ldkconstruction.com

Try getting your name out to the local realtors in your areahttp://www.roofing.com/images/topics/5533/img_1186504363.jpg

Newspaper is a bad idea. Its a dying industry everyone is canceling there local papers and getting there news online. they have been loosing money consistently.

We actually have a services section in our local newspaper and it is available online and this paper is sent to like 3 different counties so it has worked for me in real slow times in the spring and summer. But every situation is different. As for the yellow pages I don’t know it is really a good idea.

Yellow pages is very overpriced. I do think a business should have a presence in it though, even if its small.

Newspaper advertising is a goood idea if you’re in a smaller community that is possibly underserved, i.e. only 1 other roofer in a given area.

Also, look @ an ad for a smaller co. who is in a similar trade, like maybe a painter or plumber. If you can “bump into them” @ a local store or some other location, ask them how they’re doing with the same ad size that you might want to place.

i get a minimum $100k per year off of my local paper.

Marshall how much a month do you spend on your ad and what kind of ad is it?

18 dollars a week in a very small town. probably the size of 2 business cards. i will try to scan one and post it. so i get like 10 (actually now that i think about it probably more) jobs at an average of $10,000 per. it works in my favor that i’m in a very small town with a bunch of hacks that all piss of the H/O by only talking about me when they do the bid instead of telling them what they can do. then the H/O thinks well…everybody keeps talking about marshall, so, i guess i better call and see what the fuss is all about…its lonely at the top i guess 8)

That’s for sure.