Question about Class IV hail-resistant roof

I live in Texas, aka, Hail country, and thanks to last month’s hail storm, we are getting estimates for a new roof. I have a quote for a 20 year composition roof, 32 sq, for $4000. (a 30 yr roof about $500 more) I expect my insurance company to compensate me (less deductible) for a roof similar to what is there now. (std 20 yr) My insurance company tells me that if I upgrade to a class IV hail-resistant roof, my premiums will be reduced by $300 a year.

Any idea how much more the class iv product would cost me? I’m trying to determine if it will be worth the increase in cost.

Also, the contractor is recommending ridge vents to replace the turbines. Any thoughts on that?

if you are talking asphalt, I only know of Certainteed offering the IR shingle. It is a 40-yr product, which means down yonder there it ought to last at least 20 yrs. Maybe more?
20 x $300 = $6000 savings
I don’t know what the product costs over the 30-yr. lam you are being offered. $40 per sq. ?

also the certainteed “landmark special”,and “xl ultimate(w/fiberglass scrim reinforcement)”—both are 50 yr. shingles–i am not familiar w/ the 40 yr IR version twill-didn`t see it on their website either–is it area specific???

Maybe they’ve changed it then trg. Was a 40-yr. IR. Who knows why they do what they do. :slight_smile:

Create (CRE-8), where in Texas are you located?

Ranch, I’m in Fort Worth. We ended up with a Tamko 30 yr roof. (Streak resistant or something) Roofer said we would get an insurance break even if we upgraded from 20 to 30, but not the case. Insurance only discounts for class 4 IR. Roofer said it would run about 40% more to upgrade to class 4, but it was pretty clear he didn’t want to mess with it. I figured it would take about 4.5 years to recoup the cost, but in the end we decided on the 30 yr.

Too bad you didn’t come back to me (or this site) sooner; I would have given you the answers on that.

Where a 30 Yr. roof will do better than a 20 year is if you’re on the ‘fringes’ of a hailstorm. A 30 Yr. product that is let’s say about 7 - 10 miles from the center of a decent “money making” hailstorm (for a roofer, anyhow) will bounce smaller sized wind driven hailstones a bit better than a 3 Tab roof will in a similar location.

People say things like “Well, if a big hailstorm / tornado / hurricane is coming over your house then you are in trouble from the get-go & you may as well just put up 3 Tab shingles” however if this is the case, then why don’t we all live in mobile homes, too?

Best of luck.


the tamko is algae resistant,the dark streaks are algae growth(fungus)they turn dark to protect themselves from the heat–the only difference should have been in the cost of the shingles themselves-the installation would have been the same-i dont understand your roofer-as you said the ins, discount would have paid for the extra roof cost by itself in a couple of years-thats just ignorant :frowning:

Yeah, I don’t think we needed algae resistant here.Except for this spring, it’s generally pretty dry here. I think that’s just what the roofer gets for everyone around here. (I think he’s doing about 50 houses in our neighborhood)

This particiular roofer plays smart when he wants and plays dumb when it suits him. I was under the impression that the class 4 IR was heavier and more difficult to install, hence the higher price.

By the way, the insurance agent came up with only 24 sq, rather than the 32 the roofer quoted. Kinda a big difference, but the other quotes we got were in the same neighborhood. We’ve been needing the roof replaced (17 yr old), so I’m glad we waited until we got the agent to measure.

The reason we decided on the 30 yr rather than 20 is that our next-door neighbors replaced their roof last year with 30 yr. It looks better and it weathered the hailstorm without incident (we had as big as tennis ball sized hail here.)

Now I’ve learned that just because it’s a 20 year roof, don’t expect it to last more than 10 or so years. Maybe the 30yr will hold out 15, when we’ll be ready to move. Definitely a learning experience.

Just hope this ridge vent thing works out ok with all our heat.

PS. I didn’t reply earlier because I was supposed to be notified when a reply is posted, but I only got one on the first day. Guess the spam-blocker must have eaten the others.

Thanks for your input, guys. Great site!