Question about high nailing fix

My son said he would replace my shingle roof with arch. shingles. At some point I was watching him nail them down and I thought he was nailing them high (about 3 inches above the tar line) so I said something to him and he started to nail them down about 1 or two inches above the tar line. That was four days ago. I got around to researching this and realize that they should have been nailed right on the tar line. I am at work now and I told him about it and asked him to to see if he could peel the shingles up at least to the tar line and shoot a few nails in each shingle, to which he is now doing. Is this the corrective action we should take??? TIA

Bump…any advice from ya’ll roofing experts out there?!

Great idea. That will save the day. That is a good catch by you. Something to know; alot of products have the instructions on the packaging. Roofing shingles are one of them. Tell him to read the wrapper.

Can you post some pics in exchange for this info? We may also be able to help you catch any mistakes. If your house has a chimney, start asking around and find a regular roofer to flash it for you.

No chimneys or anything, just two vents to which I looked at and they seem fine. The pitch is not bad either, which is why I agreed to have him and his buddies do the roof. Unfortunately, my son high nailed every shingle and the process of peeling up the shingles to get to the tar line and putting a few nails in each one has been a tedious process. I plan to give him a long spackle knife tomorrow to help him finish.
Thank you for your reply!

Also, I am hoping the shingles will seal again after prying them up … ???

They should,after its all renailed let it sit a week or two and have him check.

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Today it is partly sunny, approx 80 degrees when my son got about 1/3 up one side of my roof and said that he was unable to pry any more shingles apart without them starting to tear (could not get them apart. I would really like to get a few nails in the proper location of each shingle.

Is it worth the risk?

Is there a way to pry the shingles apart without damaging them?

You will need some sun to get them apart. Otherwise is takes a few years and some mistakes to get it right.

Yes, you do it while the shingles are cold.
While the shingles do not have the sun touching them in the morning.
Use a sliding, jabbing, chipping motion with your flat bar.

I wouldnt use a long spackle knife.
I could do it for a small repair because i know what im doing.
But The proper tool is the flat bar.

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