Question? Extra charge for Laminated shingles

Hello, you may remember me from last year. I had the horrible installation problems. After trying to repair the problems, with no success. I have decided to have the entire roof replaced.

My question is that. A very reputable roofing company wants to tack on an extra $1400 to the price of the roof for the 30 year laminated shingles. Of all of the estimates, that I have received, the other contractors only charge for the added cost of the shingles which is $500. The added $1400 does not sound right.

They are insisting that the 30 year shingle is more difficult to install than the standard 20 year asphalt shingle. Other contractors have told me the opposite that the 30 year laminated shingle is easier to install. Who is telling the truth?

I am also concerned about the estimate that I received. My neighbor received an estimate from this same company which is $1200 less. How do I negotiate this contract? I like this company because they are the most reputable as for as warranty, license and quality in this city.

I think that because they know that I have been burned and they are trying to make a quick dollar. Comments welcome. Thank you.

I think that the laminates (one of many available wood looks) are easier to install than 3 tabs.

Now, there are various other laminates that are more time consuming and require a little more know-how.

Does the neighbor have the same amount of roof, roof pitch, ees of access and application as you? Did you both have the same salesman?

I do not know if my neighbor had the same salesman, however it was definitely the same company. I have 1800 sq. feet livable, total of 2500 under roof. Pitch is not very high. My neighbor’s house is exactly the same with perhaps 100 sq. ft smaller. Her estimate was $5800 for the 20 year. Mine is $7600 for the 20 year 3 tab.

I would like to add a footnote: My neighbor opted to go with a company listed by the local BBB started in Sept. 2006. This guy offered me a sweetheart deal of $4500 for the 30 year laminated. He currently has 3 contracts on my block. No license and wants 1/2 down upfront. They are taking a huge gamble.

Do you have a casino local to your area ? If so, go and put your money on red or black… better luck in my opinion than giving up the $$ before the job is started.
My policy is no deposit - full payment on completion (unless windows/skylights/or special orders). Any legit company should not require a deposit. Most legit companies pay for shingle material bills 1 month after delivery. Those that need $$ up front usually don’t have established credit so they have to pay for the material before delivery hence require a deposit. These are also the peeps who give roofing a bad name because they either don’t show up or take off and don’t finish.
I would ask the contractor for how many squares your house is and have your neighbor do the same. Take the total price and divide by total squares. The prices should be similar if the houses are similar according to what you said previously. Of course - if one house has something different it can lead to more $$. A good contractor should work with you. If you have 2 different sales guys usually 2 different sales commissions they are seeking hence the difference in price if comparing apples to apples.
Thats my 2 cents !!

I must add that I always get a deposit for the mere fact that no contract is binding in Illinois unless money has changed hands, or service is rendered.

Now, I usually get 10 bucks or so to bind the contract.

I get the remainder of 50% when we start the work simply because I don’t trust many people.

I take a down payment. And I am not a down my luck bum.
It’s not unsual, or even comforting to have $30,000 out there in money owed. Who cares if I owe money next month on a job I did today?
It comes quick and I will still have money owed to me when I pay the suppliers bill.

I don’t charge interest. if you’d like, I could tack on 1% to my final bill to cover it. Might be better than a down payment :smiley:

I would never do a job without collecting a deposit and my credit is great. My credit will continue to be great with my materials always being paid for up front! No way, no how I’m paying out of my pocket to do a job when I have done nothing wrong! As it is, if they go up and pull out a tape measure and find exposures of 4 7/8" in areas when it’s supposed to be 5" and they know nothing about the business and decide it’s unacceptable, theres no way I’m waiting to go through court to get my money while at the same time I’m losing precious working days. No way, no how. I’ll walk on that deal in 2 seconds, contracts are to protect BOTH parties.

However, I realize that not everybody is in the same boat as me. If you have a nice cushion to fall back on and you’ve paid lawyers to stick penalties everywhere for failure to pay, thats one thing. I prefer to keep it simple. I wouldn’t want to deal with somebody that has such a high demand for a lawyer.

Thanks for the great information and fast responses. I will keep checking the board until I finish this project once and for all. I will give the outcome. Too bad that you all are not in my city. I could really use a professional, reputable, and honest contractor.

Never heard of a roofing company selling 20 year 3 tab shingles. Do they still make 20 years shingles?

All my bids start at 30 year laminate Alogia Resistant shingles and go up from there. If bidding insurance work it’s a free upgrade. If the home owner has laminates that are coming off I’ll pay towards their deductable.

My price for Landmark’s are only slightly higher than the XT30’s.

The last time I put 3 tabs on a tear off was four years ago.

Putting down laminates is easier than 3-tabs and the finished product looks 10 times better, IMO.

20 year fiberglass is what is listed on the proposal. Hmmm.

got into a dispute over deposits. I haven’t seen a 20 year shingle in 10 years myself. I charge the same amount for three tabs than for traditional laminates as the labor is EASIER, not harder. SOME laminates are more difficult than 3 tabs, but they usually hold a really long warranty, starting at 40 years from what I’ve seen.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay any money until materials are delivered to the site. If the roofing contractor doesn’t have good enough credit to cover the shingles until delivery, then that should be a warning sign to you. However, if you still want to go with someone like that, I would suggest you pay the supplier when the materials are delivered.

Hey Cerb,

I can see it from your perspective. But from my perspective, I am assigning a certain date in time for a person, and a deposit is MY protection. I have a perfect track record with the BBB and all govt’ agencies, and that can be traced. I have no other way of measuring a customers credit other than real estate records (for mechanics liens). If I wake up that morning and I have no work, how much do I really lose? I’m not rich, and if thats what you think a “real” contractor should be, then I’m sure many homeowners would agree with you. In this state, any contractor that pulls a permit himself can not leave the homeowner high and dry, it will all be fixed by the state (from a fee paid for licensing) and you won’t be able to work on the books again without the government just attaching a check or a bank account.

Where im currently working zero deposit is required. Most every place i have worked in the past 5 years has been like that. Some guys want a deposit for materials while some just want protection. In my exp. i have only had a problem once in 5 years with a customer not paying period. I just turn those over to the boss and thats his problem i can not do anything about it.

As far as 20 year shingles i think oc makes them not sure tho thats been a while. I wont not put them on a dog house if it my home. As far as 1400 that is a little high for an upgrade. Concidering that the price difference is only a few dollars and they are easier to install. I would say to the salesman that you think it is too much and see what he has to say. He will odds are lower his prices. They will normally work with you if you give them a chance. Maybe have one of these guys call the salesman and act like a brother or son and neg. for you. Just a thought. Good luck with the project.

deposit is good faith from the customer …shows me they have the means to pay…secures them a spot on my schedule. i have a credit score of over 750…deposits dont mean you are a bad contractor!! just the way i do business. dont slam us for requiring a deposit and we wont slam you for not requiring one. i will charge more in labor for 3 tabs. which cost less to buy…so it becomes a wash and my prices for 25 year 3 tabs or 30 year laminates are the same. in upstate NY its only a $3 dollar a square price difference in materials. so say the average home is 18 squares…thats a diffence in materials of $54 plus tax. :?

I’m with you on all of that. I charge the same amount for 3 tabs and architects too, and still I think I make more on Architects.

Hey im not saying anything like that for the deposits. I just care not to have that in my pitch

we are looking from 2 different prospectives though…you as a salesman, me as an owner.


I would get an estimate from @ least 2 other companies. I’m in Austin, Texas & have done ‘some’ work in Louisiana (born a Coonass myself*… we’re Sunshine & Denham Springs people).

I can tell you that IF you had a somewhat large house that was 45 squares (substantial size for that region of the US) you’re looking @ 31.00 a square upgrade ( 1,400.00 / 45 = 31.111). That’s an insane dollar figure. Here in Austin, Texas we only pay around $ 10.00 / square upgrade @ the most & that’s a wholesale price on a more expensive 30 year type shingle like Elk brand.

FWIW, CertainTeed products (some) are made in Shreveport & the trucking costs should be somewhat low to begin with if your products come from there.

You might help us out by taking a photo of the four sides of the house & posting it here (we’ll help you out on making a size comparison with a lot of fudge factor). If you can’t figure out how to post photos here, it’s a simple process but you first need to host your pics on a site like PhotoBucket & then use the code (link) to post pics here.

I’d skip to someone else in this co. if you’re REALLY sold on using them… but remember, the BBB is a decent resource if you’re @ least looking for the names of other roofing co’s.

Personally, IMO, I think you’re being ripped off & this ‘sales rep’ seems to me like he might be the type to collect a deposit & then only show up again when the job is done.

As for the desposit issue, if you’re THAT concerned about someone not following through with a job once a deposit is paid, tell the sales rep that you’re only going to make the deposit check out in the name of the supply house they use - that way, your shingles will be delivered to the jobsite & stacked on the roof. Should the roofing co. not show up to do the work, you can @ least get the work done with another co.

*for those who don’t know, “Coonass” is NOT a derogatory term & is actually used iwth a sort of pride… myself included. It means someone who was born in South Louisiana.