Question :Modified Tear off

I"m faced with a new challenge from the industry.A two layer rip with a layer of torch down on top of a shingle like roll roofing material on a flat wooden deck.The torch down looks like a piss poor application(bridges and bubbles everywhere).I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has done a previous rip similar to this type.I’ve done hundreds of t&g tear offs but never had to remove a torch down,Just curious of what to expect once we get started.

the torch down is probably not adhered to anything and will come up like carpet. the 90lb thats a different story it could be adhered right to the wood. if it is just rip it up deck and all and put dowm new ply. it wont be worth chipping it off with a flat bar.

take a few core samples, if not fully adhered this should be no problem

go to home depot and buy yourself a utility knife
and get some hook blades for it. theyll be next to the strait blades.
you will want to cut up the torchdown into 3’x6’
pieces. it doesnt like to rip that easy.