Question on pricing from an Ohio-area EPDM roofer

I just looked at a job in Ohio, southeast of Columbus, and was wondering what the avg. cost of an EPDM fully adhered system over 2" iso would cost on approx. 200 squares over a one-story factory. The building owner has a bid to do the work, but I want to familiarize myself with the roofing costs in the area before I comment on the guys bid. I think it is probably inline with the region, but want to know for sure.

What, suddenly there are no EPDM roofers from the Ohio area?

There was one who posting around winter time last year… Liberty might be able to help…

Commercial roofing market in central Ohio is completely dead.

You are going to come from Texas to do it?


I’m an adjuster in the Central Ohio area. Going rate for EPDM 45mil fully attached is $406 per square including tear off. Add $210.00 for the 2" ISO.

Keep in mind this is insurance pricing. Hope that helps!!