Questions about a Commercial Metal Roof

My company is Distribution/Record Storage in Charlotte,NC. It is housed in a building that was built in 1984 with a metal roof and skylights built in. Over the years, we have had to patch our roof do to bolts falling off or actually bullet holes penetrating the top of the roof! We have done this ourselves (with tar), and it was always just spot patching. Now, we believe we may need to replace the roof or possibly repair it. We had a contractor come out and tell us that he could not put in skylights like our roof already has, and that scared us off because this roof is over 3 acres long and the light bills would be crazy (there are Fl. lights for cloudy days). Is this common in todays metal roofs, to have skylights? Also, our inventory and record boxes (which there are over 50,000 boxes) can not be exposed to the elements while this is going on, so, how do the roof companies solve this problem? There are a lot more questions that I have, and if any contractors are on this forum, feel free to shoot me an email at:

Mike Taylor


You need to be careful in picking a contractor. There will not be a lot that can handle the scope of what you need done.

For a contractor to tell you that what you already have can not be done. This shows he can not handle the job.

Using skylights to light a building is the way to go. We would sooner not have them as the contractor.

Just look at Walmart. they are big users of skylights.

I agree with Lefty

I do all of that kinda work.

who wants to guess what im gonna recommend?

should be able to find out what kind of panel you have, then go online
and see available skylights.


To perform the work, the roofing contractor needs to provide under-deck protection. This will increase the cost of the job, but I’ve had it done several times on projects with Anheuser-Busch, Eagle Snacks, Maxwell House, and others. Of course, in most cases it is to prevent food contamination while work is being performed, as most of the food manufacturer’s aren’t going to stop making product while a roof is installed.

I will assume your skylights are the translucent panels that match the metal roof panels in profile. If this is the case, the reason the contractor may not be able to do the work is because the skylights need fall protection. The fall protection, however, can be installed on underside of roof deck, but again this will increase the cost of the project. I suppose you could also install metal cages over the skylights, but I’ve not seen this done before with those type of skylights.

Samskii is going to recommend HydroStop, and I’m now wondering if he is getting a kick-back from them or something. Then again, he may just be like Aaron with his polyurea’s. :stuck_out_tongue: What I will tell you is first to post a photograph of your roof, several if possible. Then your next option will probably be to either replace the roof or coat it with a product like TopCoat or yes, even HydroStop. I won’t go any further into detail though until I can at least see some photos.

We do acrylics, if you want inferior protection for a higher price. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont do kickbacks! Comming from a fellow RCI member Cerb I am offended at the incinuation. Your comment could be construed as slander. ( your razz smiley saved you) Just for the record, to show my impartiality when it comes to actual specifications, ( which are very different than recommendations by the way) Im doing a 500 sq metal R panel right now. for which I also didnt get a kickback. My business is based on sustainable systems . Hydro stop is not the Miracle roof. It does however greatly reduce the need for more conventional systems. And also for the record Top Coat and Hydro Stop although similar in appearance are night and day in performance. You would know this if you had tried both.
BTW Am I not allowed to have a favorite? You recommend your favorites to your clients and prospects dont you? When you are confident in a system and show a degree of passion, your clients then become confident that they are getting thier problems solved. That is why they hire consultants. Make sense?

Lighten up samskii, I was just taking a free shot at you since you seem to pimp HydroStop. I’m glad you like roofing in a bucket. :stuck_out_tongue: I myself like to specify roofing membranes, but will use a coating on occasion; metal roofs are one of the places I would consider using a coating.

Once cured, It is a membrane. Dont need metal or any other membrane to be a roof either. Challenging the validity of my recommendations by implying im on the take, is quite a shot to take at somebody whos business it is to make recommendations.

Thats why I like the polyurea…it IS a membrane…semi raw materials get processed, heated, proportioned and applied on site.

I once heard someone say that it is a coating if it starts out as a liquid…well, dumb azz, they ALL start off as liquids. LMAO

Acrylics are coatings.

lookin at the indoor picture on your web site.
it looks to me lik you have a normal uninsulated pbr panel
deck over steel frame.
im shure they have skylights.

try searchin “wholesale metal north carolina”, and youll probably come
up with some good prices and contractors close.

theres a huge manufacture in north florida i use ,called gulfside supply.
talk to ray. 888-393-0335


Thanks you all for your input, it has been helpful. I am still very weary about just doing a spray type job to my roof, as I don’t know if it will hold up. Does anyone here have these products your recommending on a roof that you own or know well? Do they hold up for 10-20 years? Or is it a battle that isn’t worth it? Will the cost of a new roof be more beneficial in the long run? Also, my Warehouse is around 60,000 square feet of floor space, and it is probably a little more for the roof. What are we looking at in the price category?


Mike Taylor
Advanced Bonded Warehousing

If you were closer, I would come by and give you a demonstration.

Polyurea is like nothing you have seen before. They have only been in service about 25 years, though. Some people say this isnt long enough. Who am I to tell them what to think?

We have 15 year labor and material warranties avaible from the manufacturer.

it looks like a simple warehouse roof.
here are some photos from a job i did on a simular
type construction, replacin panels.

i think i would be in the 7 to 8 dollar pr sq ft neighborhood for
replacin your excisting panels with 26 ga. galvalume (does not rust
like painted metal)


sorry bout the big dumbo picture

Looks good, gweedo.

Pretty pictures

im startin a new thread with a couple a pics i think yall will like.
ill call it the evolution of spf.

If it makes you happy go for it.