Questions about architect style shingle roof

We had to have our roof replaced and got the architect style shingles put on. We have already had new leaks come up around the chimney due to the flashing being cut when old shingles were removed. When the shingles were pulled up to fix flashing, there was no felt underneath in some spots. Now I have doubts that our roofer did an adequate job with the rest of the roof. Can anyone give me specifics to look for so I will know what I’m talking about?

I also have some specific questions:
Do shingles overlap or butt against each other?
How many nails per shingle is adequate?
Is there a way to safely check if felt is underneath w/o destroying shingles?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Arch’s butt against each other. ( except for the original timberlines )

4 nails minimum

A good roofer can remove shingles without damage to check felt.
( you can also check the edges )

If you can post pics , it would help.


punchin a hole in the chimney flashin is common were im at.
if they fixed the leak then you should be allrite. no felt under shingles will not make them leak.


The usefulness of felt is an ongoing debate. They dont use it in Canada a lot of times.

Sometimes you can overlap a shingle, like on a roof edge where you would have a shorty with a nail too close to the joint, but on archs you could simply trim the previous couple of curses back to accommodate, or start with a new rack.

Thank you for all the responses. It’s hard to tell anything looking at the roof from the ground but I do think the shingles aren’t staggered properly. We are getting severe storms with tornado warnings today so I’ll try to get some pix over the weekend and post.

Thx again! :slight_smile:

Pics will help us out alot.