Questions on my older IB roof

We just purchased a house with an IB (pvc) roof installed back in '95. The roof is not flat but is a fairly low slope and seems in good shape. No leaks and appears smooth and damage free. The original installer is no longer in business and not having much luck finding an IB expert in my area. I’m completely unfamiliar with this type of roof.

The issue it has is with the “gutters”. Instead of the normal gutters and flashing I"m used to, the membrane just forms a shallow channel at the roof edges. I’m getting puddling in the middle part of the channels because it looks like the slope has decreased over time, and it’s spilling over each time it rains right onto my deck instead of flowing off to the corner spouts. With normal aluminum gutters I’d just adjust the gutter’s slope, but not sure how it’s done when the channel and roof are all the same material. Any experts in PVC roofing out there that can clue me in on how something like this is typically handled?

And–is it ok to walk (carefully!) on this material? It could probably use a little gentle scrubbing, but I don’t want to damage it.

You would help by taking a few pictures of the “gutter” area. I suspect you have a taper system that may not be carrying the water off the roof. Does the “gutter” take the water to a scupper or drain? You can walk on the roof, but very carefully. Keep in mind this roof is VERY slippery and is not designed to be a walkway.

Look for cracking from hail, wear on high fasteners/plates, and exposed scrim. Scrim is the fabric that gives the membrane strength. If the membrane isn’t too brittle you might be able to get a roofer to set a T-bar or plates on top and flash it in, to re-direct the flow