Quote 4


I just wanted to let the form know, that I found my roofer…

Roofer 3 never sent me his quote even after 2 follow-up phone calls and promises to do so. So Roofer 4 is really my 4rd quote.

So Roofer 4 was Local guy, recommended by a friend of mine who owns a number of residential and commercial properties who he has had this guy install many roofs.

Very detailed, honest and straight foward in his approach and quote. Very thoughtful on venting strategy and moving leader locations. We will decide the final venting strategy once he opens up areas to see how the air can flow in the vaulted ceiling areas. Also only roofer to ask and include new facia with the gutters.

~16k for CertainTeed Landmark 30, 6" gutters w/ Berger Bros. gutter shingle + $55 a sheet of 5/8" ext. cdx and $64 3/4" ext. cdx as needed (better than the $168 proposed by Roofer 1) and a 10 year workmanship warranty. He also will be stripping and sealing my chimney. So, he did happen to be the low bidder ($16k, $18k and $22k), but this is not why I chose him. It was about detail, and an honest approach.

Thanks for all of your help!

Sounds to me like you made the right choice. Based solely on the fact that he was detailed, fair on price, and came with great references from a friend of yours.

good job!

I agree.