Quote, job price

just awaiting planing on a garage conversion. i am removing the old roof raising it by approx 6 corses then putting the roof back on. the roof sits on a timber ring beem that sits on top of the brick work. Most of the material is fine to re use obviously some will need to be re newed, also one side of the roof will require a dorma, and idea on labour cost for such a job. The garage is 5m squared and pitched up from either side with gables front and back.

Roofboss will do it for 250k! :smiley:

I’m sorry, thats an inside joke. There is no way anyone can give you an estimate without pictures at least, and even then… technical questions people will gladly help you with, but this isn’t a communist country, and to add to that the economy is different all of this country if youre even in the same country as me. Just call and get estimates and don’t just hear the price, hear what they’re saying, then come back to us.

To heck with photos… we need blueprints. PDF format preferred.

What country are you located in? I’m going to guess Canada based on your use of “labour” instead of the Americanized “labor”. If you *are * in Canada, can we quote you in Molsons or beaver pelt? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d charge you double for not being able to spell beam or dormer.

hello ads10
sounds like you have a small place.
cant emagin it costin ya much ore than 15 grand.
depends on where you live.
where do you live?