R panel roof question

Has anyone ever installed an R-panel roof system directly over an existing R panel roof.

Seems like after you removed all the screws it would be just as easy to pull the old panels off.

Take a look at www.Roofhugger.com. they have brackets/purloins that can be installed directly over many different types of roof panels with out removing all of the old screws.

I agree with 1985gt - it’s really not that hard to remove the existing screws and panels and in the end, this would probably make things easier and work out better in the long run. I also like the roof hugger option if you don’t want to tear off the old roof.

If you need any more information on installing this type of through fastened metal roofing, you can check out my video series.

Yes you use 20 ft metal hat channels, 18 gauge and install right over you can get sonme screws to anchor into C OR Z channel, this is also a cool roof!