Raccoon-proof a roof peak?

Hey guys,

We have a flat roof with a freestanding peak, about 8x6’, that accommodates a recessed ceiling fan. Problem is, we’re in a kind of wild area here in BC, and for the last few years raccoons have tried to break into the peak each spring to make a den, breaking off parts of the composition shingles down to the slats beneath them.

This year I read that raccoons don’t like plastic, so I covered the structure with a plastic tarp and weighed it down with paving stones. That kept them out, but it’s a headache—and it’s unsightly too, as it’s visible from the street.

Any ideas how I could raccoon-proof the peak permanently? Maybe attach wire fencing over it somehow, etc.? I’m reasonably handy, but I’m not a pro, so please consider that in your suggestions… Thanks!

A metal roof and siding in the affected area.

Ah, the Claymore approach—why didn’t I think of that?