Racoon s-h-i-t on flat roof. How to keep them off it?

I got racoons that jump from a nearby tree onto my flat roof and s.h.i.t there.

The nearby tree is right next to the roof, like one foot away . It doesnt have any little branches , just the trunk is near the roof line. Tree can’t be cut down as it is privately owned by the neighbour.

I have put out cans of amonia around the flat roof, as well as a rag sticking out of a jug of amonia. Will have to see.

Anyone got good ideas on keeping racoons from sitting on the roof and shitting?

shoot the bastards

If you need to modify a word in order to post it, obviously there is a profanity filter on…

go up on the roof and pee on it.then pee on the tree.your smell will make him go to another spot to go #2

Pee on my roof ? What if the rain washes that away? SHould I s-h-i-t on my roof next ? I have made these small platforms that hold a jug of ammonia that the racoons can try to knock off but they wont be able to . I should get this idea patented.

Pee on your roof! thats funny. Might not try during daylight if you have neighbors!
Don’t know if it’ll work or not. Better hope there’s no leaks! Might try some other urine available for animal attractants or repellants, maybe coyote or wolf.

If you are not oppossed to annialating them and you have no other critters to worry about that could be affected, here’s how we “controlled” our coon trouble.

put out a bowl of antifreeze and inject hot dogs with some more antifreeze. the coons love both and they will generally slink off and die. only oproblem is other animals getting into it, especially cats or birds.

Trip wires.

trap n move.

dag gum coon.


your urine will not be removed by precipitation once it has dried on any surface as it chemically bonds to said surfaces…were you absent that day in chemistry class???

you can cut any tree branches from the point they pass over your property line, legally in NY anyway–roofboss is usually right :mrgreen:

OK here is what I did. Even though I really wanted to get up there and try the pee thing. BUt then I thought to myself, what if the coons like my pee ? And then they come to my bedroom window at night?

I attached ‘bee traps’ or ‘yellow jacket’ traps to a square (12" X 12") piece of rubber tile (heavy) sold at the big box store. THe traps have vent holes all around them and I cut a few extra into it. The traps also come with a little hood which covers the holes so that rain does not get in it. I filled the traps with ammonia. I think it will work since coons dont like ammonia.

I also took sheets of plywood (3’ X 3’) and put nails into them so that the sharp end stick out onto the surface. Kind of like a nail bed. I put this plywood on the corner of the roof of the house where the tree is. If the coons try to climb on to the roof, they might get injured and wont want to walk on the nails, so I think that they will stay away.

In Toronto, you can cut back tree branches over on your property as long as it does not harm or kill the tree. . However, in my case there is only the trunk of the tree that is going straight up and it is on the neighbours side. I thought about adding sheet metal around the trunk to prevent the coons from using the tree but since its the neighbours tree, they wont let me do it.

Well see how my devices work out!

you`re in toronto? well then beat them to death w/your hockey stick!!! :mrgreen:

hahahaha… thats what im talking aboot