Radiant Barriers products & a good Houston contact

Here’s the Email I got from someone who saw my info on a different website (I’d tell you where they found me, but I’m THE MAN over there & don’t wanna lose my position… LoL):

[quote]I live in Houston in a 50+ yr old house that has been totally updated. The roof is aluminum tiles on top of a composite roof. Last summer my electric bills were insane ($800+ per month). A friend of mine mentioned that there is a new type of insulation that can be sprayed in the attic on the inside of the roof called a “radiant barrier” that should help keep the house cooler.

Does that sound familiar or feasible? Do you do any work in Houston, and if not, anyone you recommned down here? [/quote]

1. Have seen ads for it on CraigsList (someone selling the product & installation of same on the Skilled Services pages) & checked out their website. Don’t know anything additional about it, though.
2. High electric bills… I don’t know how long they’ve been in the house & what to compare this to. Yes, it could be crappy window / door sealing, etc. Could also be bad A/C ducting, poor insulation, etc. A lot of other things to consider.
3. Aluminum tiles over comp. Don’t know what color tiles they have & again, a lot of other variables…

Thanks, y’all.