Radiant Barriers

I’m impressed with the information available in this forum! I hope and pray I don’t degrade the quality of interchange.

Anyway, my question is whether anybody has had experience with homeowner installing a foil radiant barrier inside the attic on the underside of the roof rafters to reduce attic temps? Does such a thing actually work or is it only effective if reducing cash in wallet?

As I understand it, between each roof rafter, there would be a 5 1/2" air space between the barrier and the roof deck. Also, attic has no soffit or ridge vent, but has (4) mushroom vents along the upper roof, I guess 8" to 10" round, and two gable vents that are about 9"x 18" each.

Would the heat that is “reflected” out of the attic stay in the roofing and degrade the shingles? I wouldn’t want to reduce attic temps at the expense of ruining the roofing. Thanks for your input! This would be a Michigan installation.

i would have to see the specs but it sounds like that solar toaster you see on the infomercial when you get home from the bar. :shock:

it cant be good.

I think that a product of this type (what I am imagining anyway…) would create a vapor barrier, the downside of this is that you could get condensation in the attic.
This could be major…
It probably wouldn’t rot the roof itself but the rafters and decking could get damaged, a very bad scenario…
You need a way to vent the moist\warm air out of your attic, this is what the ridge and soffit vents do.
If this product is installed in such a way as to prevent your ridge\soffit vents from working as designed, it could be damaging to the entire roof structure…
Also I would think that a product of this type would raise attic temps, nowhere for the heat to go…

Where are you located in Michigan?

degrade the quality of interchange?

attic reflecter device doesnt sound rite,
but ill let some others here ring in before, i give
you some real good advise.