IN the process of removing the facia board I found all the roof rafters were plugged with fiberglass wrapped in paper.

Now into the attic I found the roof has been leaking and wet insulation as well.

I pulled all the fiberglass back with a hoe and put it to the center of the attic.

I should have asked this first are their two sizes of Roof Mates?

I bought what they handed me and they are 23" wide, I slice them down the center and then put on into each rafter space.

I used an uphosltery air stapler with a 1/2 crown to attach them and it worked great, nice and light and easy to get into cramped spaces.

I saw on a show that they put them every third space but that didn’t make sense to me so put one in each space, I want as much ari movement even if it to start drying things out up there.

Someone told me tonight that they come made for 16" centers? Is that correct? He said not to be concerned as what I used is almost 12" and will cover the bulk of the space.



You were given correct information. They are available for 16 o.c. rafters. If you split them, how did you fasten them to the rafters?

I finished putting the last one in last night and they are all the double I just ran a blade down the center so they are 11 1/2 wide or so.

Fastening was easy I used an upholstery staple gun with a 1/2 wide staple. I put a 1/4 pnuematic air hose on it so it had no weight or restriction, it is a small gun so I could lie on my back and fire of 20 staples in seconds. Would have been near impossible with one of the Arrow guns where you ahve to squeaze the handle. At the other end with the facia off I have access there so can reach in and staple that end.

Very sad up there last night, roof leaking as I was putting these in. Got tarps and now need to learn how to put them on properly for the next week or so as we get to the roof.