Rafter to truss question

okay i have been reading this forums for awhile and have finally decided to take the jump and try to figure out a home improvement project for myself. i have a house that was build mid 50’2 in florida. the roof construction is rafter with a ridge beam. id like to tie in trusses to my old roof so one i wouldnt have to distrub the plaster walls and two so my addition could be load bearing wall free. this is a block adn the additioon will be on the eave end of the roof. i will attach a drawing but can get pictures if needed. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! Jay http://shutter13.pictures.aol.com/data/pictures/17/005/6B/B7/40/62/LeEt3Ax1tn64ZdmTZWmPF5PFZfuVWmr40060.jpg

Your drawing is too small to view; photos would really help as well.

Also, I’m totally confused by what you said other than you’re a CBS design, build in the 50’s, Florida, Rafter with a ridge beam, & you want to tie in a truss system so there won’t be anything load bearing?

Well, the load has to go somewhere…

Pics & a larger drawing would help more.

sorry for the confusion. i didnt mean there wouldnt be any load bearing walls, of course on the trusses the exterior walls would be load bearing im meant any supports within the room addition which would be roughly a 23’ span.

im looking at possibly having a plate on the existing roof line and attach rafters to it but not to sure where the weight would be distributed on the old roof unless i cut into the original roof sheating and sit the trusses on the old exterior wall and attach next to the rafters. this way i can maintain one ridge line and make the addition lok original. the three pictures below may not be the best but its raining.

this is the eave side where i am hoping i could set the trusses.

the gable end on the left you see is where i would like to tie trusses into to cover the span all that way over the old carport.

this is the roof over the carport that would be removed and where the trusses would rest if possible.

Where in Florida are you located?


Paging Gweedo… Gweedo, you have a call holding on the white phone.