Do roofers changes rafters???
if not who does.

Sometimes we do. If there are amny to do, I will sometimes hire a more efficiient carpentry crew to do it.

If there are a very small amount that needs to be done we do them but like Aaron said we normally bring out the carpenters to do major and minor rafter replacement. If the roofing company is going to replace lets say 10 rafters i would be cautious with them. That type of work is for the carpenters not roofers.

I could rip your whole house down and then rebuild it from scratch, and I’m a roofer.

Thats one of the main reasons my customers hire me to do their work on their houses. If I run into any problems on their houses, they know I have the experience and knowledge to fix anything that I may find.

But that knowledge didn’t come cheap!!! It was many years of on the job training, losing money because of the learning curve and lots of mistakes we never got paid for.

As I look back through the years, we lost alot of money in trying to learn and do most any house project, but now here in Michigan and todays economy and the competition out there, it was well invested money. It is about the only thing keeping us afloat, that we do everything. And I am glad I took that route. Yesterday, I heard 2 more companies are going under. :cry:

I know G you could but im talking about the 95% companies that cant.