Rain covers / caps

For starters sorry if I don’t have all the correct terminology down, but here goes:

I understand that a rain cover/cap is required on top of the furnace/heat exhaust pipe, water cannot/should not enter this area. But what about other existing pipes, such as a bathroom fan or kitchen-microwave hood exhaust pipe? Is it a good idea to have a cover/cap on theses too, or can they be open/exposed (except for proper flashing around them).

I have lived in my home for 6 years now, in that time I haven’t experienced any water problems. The only rain cover/cap on my roof is located on the furnace pipe. On the other pipes there are galvanized flashing and screen covers on top (probably to keep squirrels from venturing inside).

Due to recent hail damage my roof needs to be replaced and I have heard some different things from different people. Just wondering what any of you might have to say about it, thanks for your time!

While I don’t know the code for these components & I’m a roofing contractor vs. a plumber, I would assume they should be on anything other than a bathroom soil pipe.

Here in Central Texas, the replacement item I use is found @ “Big Orange Box” & they cost around $ 15.00 for a “fully adjustable” flue cap (they have 3 screws & will fit multiple sizes).

If your roofer looks @ the pipes & they are dented a bit but not structurally in failure or loose, then you can just ask that they be painted to match the rest of the shingle color & leave them alone.

plumbing pipes tha go down into your sewer system
can be left open.
pretty much every thing else ha a cover.