Rain Gutter Ponding Water at Downspout

I have 28’ Alcoa gutters perfectly sloped but the downspout is 2’ from the end.

Water ponds in the 2’ between the end and downspout.

Any way to build up floor? 100% self leveling silicone? …or?


Pourable sealer will work it’s designed for pitch pockets and commercial gutters.


There is no recommendation for its use in a metal gutter. It is used in an inlaid gutter (commonly called a hog valley) but not on regular metal gutter.

How long does the water stay in the collection area? How deep is it? Does it leak?

Could be much ado about nothing. If it ponds at the last 2 feet of the gutter for a day or 2 what’s the big deal? The water will evaporate quickly if it is not too deep, say just birdbath depth.

1 - 3 days of rain is the same thing as a little ponding water.

Depth is at least 1/2 inch. I agree it is probably not an issue, but it is on the north side which gets very little sunshine. I was just thinking if there was a quick or common fix, I’d do it. Tempted to pour some Henry 887 100% silicone in it since I’m doing 3 flat roofs with he stuff.

Can you raise the end of the gutter to make up the difference?1/2" over a 2’ run isn’t much, shouldn’t be too ugly.

Can’t raise it. If there was a joint, I would have. Gutter is single piece with downspout fittings cut into the floor of the cutter (Alcoa.)

Gutters are very flexible, even if they don’t appear to be. If it’s just aluminum you should be able to raise it the 1/2

I don’t think it would be possible to bow an Alcoa 1/2in in 24in.

I agree with keepitlow but if you are determined to eliminate issue try either capping the original outlet to d/s or replace the run, move the outlet over 12-20" use “B,A,A” or “A.B,A” 90’s depending on the size of the gutters to get back to to preferred d/s location.