Rake board replacement

Am replacing rotted rake boards. The ends of the nails sticking down through the shingles are preventing me from getting the new rake board up tight against the shingles to keep rain/snow out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Jerry

welcome to the wounderfull world of fasha replacement.
your probably runnin into nails from the edge metal.
sometimes you get lucky and can lift shingles and get to theese nails and pull them. if not them try a pair of dikes that can reach up in there and snip nail off.
holler back if this doenst work.


Thanks, Gweedo, but what’s “a pair of dikes”?? Jerry

“pair of dikes” are wire cutters. I don’t know how much room you have, but if underneath is an option, you could try a dremel or a rotary tool with a metal cutting blade on it to cut the nails down. Otherwise if you have one of those little compact hand saws that take a hacksaw blade, you could try that. :smiley:

dont know the exact name for them , but they look lik a big pair of toe nail
clippers, maybe someone knows the name.


they are also called side cutters.

“pair of dikes” that would be my ex and her mother

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